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When you think of beach handball, you think of Brazil. However, the pressure on the youth women’s team to achieve consistent medals in the global game, just like their senior side has done for many years, is even stronger these days thanks to the competition coming from their fiercest rivals – and neighbours – Argentina.

In March, Brazil lost the final of the debut South and Central America Youth Beach Handball Championship in Buenos Aires.

They were defeated in the tightest possible way: via a shoot-out loss. Brazil had started strongly, taking the first set 17:16, but Argentina responded with an eight-point second set victory (18:10) to push it shots and they cleaned up, winning 8:6.

It was the second time that week that Brazil had fallen to Argentina in the championship, but 2-0 wins against Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile ensured they finished joint top of the preliminary group, along with Paraguay and Argentina.

In the end, and following some calculations, Brazil finished second in the group to secure that final spot and ultimate defeat against the host nation. Maria Fernanda Barbosa Rotondaro top-scored for the gold and greens, with 47 points.

In addition to that continental tournament other opportunities arose for experience in both Brazil and South America, with the finals of the national games in Brazil and the South American Youth Games, held in Rosario, Argentina, last month, where Brazil finished behind host nation Argentina in second place. 

The Brazilians lost the final 0-2, their second loss of the tournament and second against Argentina, following their group stage defeat.

A Europe-South America classic intercontinental clash commences Brazil’s Greece 2022 journey when they face Spain on the central court in the second match of the opening day. Following what is likely to be a decider for the top of Group B, the South Americans take on India and end with Ukraine the following day.

Key players: Thaís Petrucci, Maria Fernanda Barbosa Rotondaro

Qualification information: 2022 SCAHC Women’s South and Central America Youth Beach Handball Championships – 2nd place

History in tournament: 2017: DNQ

Group at Greece 2022: Group B (Spain, India, Brazil, Ukraine)