Moustafa: ‘Excellent, successful and a very good job’

17 Dec. 2023

Moustafa: ‘Excellent, successful and a very good job’

The 26th IHF Women’s World Championship has concluded with France taking the title after their gold medal match defeat of Norway at the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, Denmark on Sunday night.

Ahead of the game, a futuristic dance show in the dark with performers wearing suits omitting lasers and lights into the sold-out 12,500-capacity arena, saw the new IHF Women’s World Championship trophy revealed.

Commissioned by the International Handball Federation, the form of the trophy was inspired by the dynamic and the greatness of handball. It was developed by renowned international designer Lena Bergström and created in partnership with the Swedish glassworks company Kosta Boda.

Then Wahlstedt, the Swedish gold-certified DJ and producer, performed the championship song ‘Aiming for Number One'.

After his performance in the centre of the court, it was time for the final and following its conclusion, a spectacular group of mirrored dancers and drummers took to the stage to perform ahead of Denmark, France and Norway being introduced onto court for the medal ceremony.

Then, IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa delivered a closing address.

“Good evening. I declare the 26th IHF Women’s World Championship over,” he said.

“France is world champion. In the name of the International Handball Federation, I want to give our gratitude and congratulations to the French team and a very good performance from Norway.

“I want to give my thanks and gratitude to all three federations – Sweden, Norway and Denmark – they did a very good job to organise an excellent IHF Women’s World Championship.

“I want to also give my thanks and gratitude to the sponsors and our partners and a special thanks for the volunteers, who were working day and night to make this a successful championship.

“Thanks to the three countries, thanks to you. I don't like to forget to give my thanks for all 32 teams that participated during this world championship. It was a very good performance from them.  It means players, trainers, referee and officials – they did a very good job during this world championship.

“I want to give my thanks and gratitude to all of those working during this world championship and an extra special thanks for the spectators – all of you. Thank you so much. You already made these championships very successful, without you, we wouldn’t reach this image.

“Thank you so much and have a nice evening.”

Then the three teams were presented with their medals, before the IHF flag was handed over to the 2025 IHF Women's World Championship co-hosts Germany and Netherlands by President Moustafa.

And in the grande finale France captain Estelle Nze Minko raised the trophy with a squad dance to the Queen classic, ‘We Are The Champions’.