Chile claim first win at Denmark/Norway/Sweden 2023

07 Dec. 2023

Chile claim first win at Denmark/Norway/Sweden 2023

Chile proved too strong for the Islamic Republic of Iran and claimed their first win at Denmark/Norway/Sweden 2023 with a 30:20 at the start of their President's Cup journey. It also marked their second-ever World Championship victory, after previously beating only Australia in 2009.

President’s Cup Group II
Chile vs Islamic Republic of Iran 30:20 (14:6)

It took 18 minutes for Chile to gain a significant lead against the Asian side, after a 6:0 unanswered run, but until that moment, Iran goalkeeper Fatemeh Khalili Behfar had a brilliant performance, stopping the South American side.

One-on-one misses and turnovers saw them trail despite left wing Bahar Eizadgashb breaking the habit of not being able to score for 12 minutes. Even though Chile converted 60% of shots by halftime and the Islamic Republic of Iran just 26%, the South American team were still not sure of their win, but had a good starting point, with an eight-goal lead, 14:6

Named the hummel Player of the Match for the second time in a row, goalkeeper Madeleine Noelia Cortez Fuenzalida who stopped 63% of Iran's shots, with 10 saves out of 16 shots in the first 30 minutes and set the course for a big win.

A new series of quick Chile goals set the first double-digit lead in the game (20:10) despite there was a glimpse of hope for the Iranian players to improve their efficiency mid-second half, as three more players added their names to the scoring list, including Sanaz Rajabi. However, when Rajabi fell with a Chilean player in a strong defensive display and got injured, the Iranian play fizzled.

As a result, Chile restored their ten-goal lead when Francisca Andrea Parra, who ended the game with three goals, as the final buzzer saw the South American side seal their second win in history at the world handball flagship competition, 30:20, as Iran are still looking for their first-ever win at the IHF Women's World Championship.

In the second match of the President's Cup Group II Chile will try to remain victorious against Kazakhstan. The Islamic Republic of Iran will clash with Congo in seek of their maiden win.

hummel Player of the Match: Madeleine Noelia Cortez Fuenzalida (Chile)