Qatar 2019 – Brazil’s (men) gold medal in quotes

20 Oct. 2019

Qatar 2019 – Brazil’s (men) gold medal in quotes

After Brazil won the men’s beach handball competition at the ANOC World Beach Games – Qatar 2019, spoke with their coach and players in the mixed zone to get their reactions and emotions after they claimed gold in the very first edition of the tournament.

Brazil specialist Bruno Carlos de Oliveira When you scored the winning point in the shoot-out, you ran down the opposite end of the court, jumped onto the advertising boards, stood on them, celebrated with the fans and then your teammates picked you up in celebration. What were you feeling at that time?

Bruno Carlos de Oliveira: This moment was spectacular. We felt we had to win this competition as it was the first one and it was historic. We want to win and make history as nobody can beat you if you are first, even if you win it the second time. We are always looking for history. Early on in the first period after an attack, coach Antonio Guerra Peixe spoke to you on the side after you came off, what did he say?

Bruno Carlos de Oliveira: He told me to go in to goal, and not pass the ball. He told me to try to shoot, to go in and not to pass. Spain have raised their levels throughout Qatar 2019, how hard were they in the final?

Bruno Carlos de Oliveira: Spain stood a lot against other teams and made good decisions in defence. They see our game and knew what we would do and because of this they played stronger. You told us before Qatar 2019 that beach handball being included at the ANOC World Beach Games would be important for the Olympic Games, do you still feel that?

Bruno Carlos de Oliveira: Yes, what I said before about it being a big step towards the Olympic Games is true. It is very important for Brazil too because we are working very hard to get it into the Games. How exciting was it for you to play in a competition which featured champions from all six IHF continents in both the men’s and women’s competitions?

Bruno Carlos de Oliveira: Every year all the teams play better and because of the philosophy of fair play and the atmosphere of beach handball it makes it a sport for the whole planet to play. Vietnam, Australia, Tunisia – everyone across the planet is playing this sport.

Brazil Coach Antonio Guerra Peixe Antonio, you have just come off the court now after winning gold, what are you thinking?

Antonio Guerra Peixe: I am thinking about my grandson, the son of my daughter. I miss him because I am in Qatar and not in Brazil. Bruno de Oliveira scored the winning point in the shoot-out, what does he mean to you?

Antonio Guerra Peixe: Bruno is one of the world’s best players. He is special as a friend, as a guy who plays as a professional, and in everything he does. He is special in everything he does in life. Bruno told us that it was extra-important to win the gold medal because it was the first edition of the competition, do you agree?

Antonio Guerra Peixe: It’s important that we win this, but it’s more important we have more teams winning championship and not just one. It’s important for us to have more than one team competing for the title in any games. How proud are you of seeing beach handball as a sport at the first ANOC World Beach Games?

Antonio Guerra Peixe: I am very happy with this situation. We have a sport which is a very good product which we can sell. It is a sport where we have fun, where we have athletes playing at the highest level and all the other things which make a great atmosphere. I am very happy about the sport we are growing.

Brazil defender Diogo Silva Vieira How are you feeling after winning gold?

Diogo Silva Vieira: It was a good, tough match with a lot of emotion. Spain played very well, and we enjoyed it.

Brazil goalkeeper Cristiano Seben Rossa You got injured at one point and stayed in the sand for a while, what happened?

Cristiano Seben Rossa: A shoulder hit my head, and everything turned black. What was your emotion when Bruno de Oliveira scored the winning point in the shoot-out?

Cristiano Seben Rossa: When we won the second period, we felt we could win from there and Bruno is a tough guy.

Thanks to Luiz Filipe Caldas for translation