Decision day awaits for teams as the preliminary round closes

25 Jun. 2022

Decision day awaits for teams as the preliminary round closes

Live blog: The last day of the preliminary round at the 23rd edition of the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship will answer all the pressing questions regarding the future of the competition, namely the last ten names of the teams that will progress to the main round.

It's decided! After a day full of handball with 16 matches, it is now clear which 16 teams will move on to the main round.

Slovenia 2022 – main round groups:

  • GROUP I: Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Tunisia
  • GROUP II: Denmark, France, Norway, Montenegro
  • GROUP III: Angola, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic 
  • GROUP IV: Hungary, Switzerland, Croatia, Egypt


Today's matches:

  • 10:30 CEST Angola vs Lithuania (31:18)
  • 12:30 CEST India vs Slovakia (12:59) / Brazil vs Republic of Korea (22:28) / Tunisia vs Guinea (35:24)
  • 14:30 CEST Hungary vs Poland (30:16) / France vs Norway (34:34) / Montenegro vs Italy (29:22)
  • 16:30 CEST Sweden vs Islamic Republic of Iran (33:15) / Romania vs Czech Republic (25:32) / Kazakhstan vs Austria (18:39)
  • 18:30 CEST Denmark vs Argentina (33:22) / Germany vs Slovenia (27:21) / Croatia vs Switzerland (21:22)
  • 20:30 CEST Netherlands vs Japan (32:29) / Chile vs Mexico (31:28) / Egypt vs United States of America (34:11)


22:10 CEST 16 teams progress to the main round

This 23rd edition of the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship has been full of surprises, as the first 48 matches are done and dusted, with the preliminary round concluding on Saturday evening in the Golovec and Zlatorog Arenas in Celje and in the Tre Lilije Arena in Lasko.The teams qualified for the main round from each group are:

  • Group A: Netherlands, Japan
  • Group B: Sweden, Tunisia
  • Group C: Denmark, Montenegro
  • Group D: France, Norway
  • Group E: Angola, Czech Republic
  • Group F: Germany, Slovenia
  • Group G: Croatia, Switzerland
  • Group H: Hungary, Egypt

European sides, three African sides and one team from Asia progressed to the main round, as the other 16 teams that finished on the third and fourth places are now preparing for the President’s Cup.

The biggest surprises are definitely Egypt and Angola, who made the cut after eliminating Poland and Romania. Egypt, whose best finish in the competition was the 20th place at Russia 2016, made it to the main round for the first time in history, after their surprising win against Poland, 27:25, in the second game of Group H.

Despite losing against Romania by three goals, Angola took advantage of their 11-goal win against the Czech Republic and will start the main round with two points, after the Czech side beat Romania by seven goals to join the African team.

Another surprise was Switzerland, who lost their first game against Austria by seven goals, only to bounce back in style and clinch a win against Croatia in the last game, 22:21, taking two points into the main round.

The main round will start tomorrow in Celje, in the Golovec and Zlatorog Arenas, with the schedule being announced in the next hours. The top two teams in each group will progress to the quarter-finals.

Slovenia 2022 – main round groups:

  • GROUP I: Netherlands 2p, Sweden 2p, Japan 0p, Tunisia 0p
  • GROUP II: Denmark 2p, France 1p, Norway 1p, Montenegro 0p
  • GROUP III: Angola 2p, Germany 2p, Slovenia 0p, Czech Republic 0p
  • GROUP IV: Hungary 2p, Switzerland 2p, Croatia 0p, Egypt 0p




22:00 CEST Full-time: Netherlands vs Japan 32:29 (16:16)

It was probably one of the most exciting matches of the group stage. A lot was at stake for not only both rivals but also for Slovakia, who needed Japan's win to go through. Both Netherlands and Japan led many times throughout 60 minutes. Speedy and agile Asian players had a chance to finish the group stage with a perfect record, yet the Dutch had more power left in the last 10 minutes, and they cruised to a hard-fought victory. Kim Molenaar was their heroine with 10 goals, including some crucial ones in the closing minutes.

Both rivals advanced to the main round – but Netherlands will start it with two points, and Japan with zero. The result of their match was bad news for Slovakia, who finished third and will participate in the President's Cup.


21:59 CEST Full-time: Egypt vs United States of America 34:11 (18:6)

Egypt and the fans celebrated the last minutes of the match with "Egypt" chants. After the final whistle and the best player award, there was no stopping them. Screeching and cheering, they celebrated their entry into the main round. 

The victory was clear at the end with 34:11. Mariam Ibrahim lived up to her role as a key player. The Egyptian scored six times on seven attempts. Only USA's Eden Nesper was more successful with seven goals. 

USA gained experience by competing against the two European teams and Egypt, and more will come in the President`s Cup. An important step on the long journey to the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.


21:54 CEST Full-time: Chile vs Mexico 31:28 (17:13)

Credit to Mexico’s fighting spirit, they left everything they had on the court, trying to win their third match in history in the competition, but eventually, Chile proved too strong for them. Magdalena De La Barra displayed her potential by scoring nine goals for Chile, while Mexico’s Jennifer Verdugo scored ten in what really turned out to be a battle between the two players, rather than the teams itself.

Despite cutting back the lead to two goals late in the game, 29:27, Mexico failed to make the final push and lost their third consecutive game at Slovenia 2022. Chile, who ended a six-game losing streak at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship with their 31:28 win, will start the President’s Cup group with two points, while Mexico are at zero points, in a group that will contain Romania and Lithuania.


21:40 CEST Close fight continues

It is still anyone's game after 46 minutes. Japan started the second half better, as the Dutch players could not get past their aggressive defence. Netherlands were down 17:20, yet they managed to hit back and draw level at 22:22 and then to go in front 25:23. The tight battle is likely to continue until the end of this exciting match.


21:38 CEST Egypt overruns USA

In the second half of the match, Egypt did not give their opponents a chance. After a quarter of an hour, the score was 25:9, even though Egypt only converted 65% of their chances.

But Egypt can now be credited with making history by reaching the main round for the first time. The U.S. had to pay tribute to their inexperience, as this was their first appearance since 1981. 


21:07 CEST Half-time: Netherlands vs Japan 16:16

Netherlands led 12:6 by the 15th minute, but Japan took a time-out which really helped. After that, the Asian team improved their defence a lot and enjoyed a 7:0 run in the next seven minutes, pulling in front 13:12. Kim Molenaar's goal finally ended the Dutch unlucky run, helping her team to draw level. The rivals continued to exchange goals afterwards, and they are tied at 16:16 at the break.

Both sides are motivated to win this match – Netherlands need a victory to reach the main round, while Japan, who are already through, will take two points with them to the next stage in case of success. So the second half promises more of an exciting battle.


21:05 CEST Half-time: Egypt vs United States of America 18:6

After 30 minutes, the teams have doubled the goals they scored in the first quarter of an hour. 18:6 for Egypt, who take another small step closer to the main round. 

A bright spot for USA, they were better at converting their chances and increased their efficiency to 43%. Egypt's Lojin Abdalla and USA's Eden Nesper have scored the most goals so far, four each. 


21:04 CEST Half-time: Chile vs Mexico 17:13

Well, this game surely produced more goals for the two sides than they scored in the previous two matches against Germany and Slovenia. In fact, Chile have already scored more goals than in the entire match against Slovenia, 13, and are only a few shy of the 18-goal outing against Germany.

Mexico have started the game better, but faltered throughout the first half, hampered by turnovers and costly misses. Left back Brenda Govea has been once again their top scorer, with five goals. This game is still open, but Chile, who enter the break with a 17:13 lead, are favoured to break a six-game losing streak in the competition this evening.


Chile vs Mexico


20:48 CEST Egypt hardly give USA a chance

After a quarter of an hour, Egypt are already leading 9:3, but the USA don't let it get them down and push each other. But they would have to convert more than a third of their attempts into goals to stand a chance.

Egypt, on the other hand, are one step closer to advancing to the main round. The first time at an IHF Women’s Junior World Championship.


20:47 CEST Netherlands pulls in front

Only a win will see Netherlands through to the main round, and they are doing everything to claim two points. Good defence and free-flowing attack helped them to take a 11:6 lead after 15 minutes. Rome Stevering and Kim Molenaar have had a special impact so far, scoring four goals each. Japan has just taken their first time-out – maybe it will help them to hit back?


20:25 CEST Netherlands need one point, Slovakia will cheer for Japan

Today's last match at Zlatorog Arena in Celje will be played in Group A between Netherlands and Japan and will start at 20:30. With four points after two games, the Japanese have already reached the main round, while it will be a decisive game for their Dutch rivals. After Slovakia defeated India by as many as 47 goals earlier today, Netherlands need at least a draw to return to the second position. In turn, Japan's win by any margin will see Slovakia through, so the Slovaks will be definitely cheering for the Asian side now.


20:05 CEST Full-time: Croatia vs Switzerland 21:22 (11:12)

Switzerland pulls off the sensation. After the opening defeat against Austria and the landslide victory against Kazakhstan, it was clear that they would have to win to reach the main round. Croatia, on the other hand, were pretty much guaranteed to qualify because they had +20 more goals than Switzerland and +21 more than Austria. A lot would have had to go wrong for them to lose that. 

Croatia was so dominant that hardly anyone believed that Switzerland would make life so difficult for them. But they did. Croatia were ahead until minute 54, then Switzerland equalised. Two minutes later, they took the lead and Switzerland's goalkeeper Soraya Schaller saved her team with another big save. But they missed the chance to extend their lead and instead Croatia counterattacked and equalised. 

The nail-biting thriller continued. Croatia had the chance to score the winner, but Klara Birtić hit the ball against the post. Switzerland did what had already played a big part in their victory yesterday: a fastbreak goal. With the 21:22 they move into the main round. Bitter for Austria: two goals too few prevent their participation. 


20:01 CEST Full-time: Germany vs Slovenia 27:21 (14:10)

Slovenia never held the lead or tied the game after its start, therefore Germany’s 27:21 win is well-deserved, especially as they have played almost the entirety of the second half without their key centre back Lucy Joergens, who suffered an arm injury. It was an emphatic display of defensive nous for Germany, who are one of the top teams at Slovenia 2022 in that category, constantly frustrating Slovenia and especially their top scorer, Erin Novak, who finished the match with four goals from ten shots.

The match was also a wake-up call for Slovenia, whose lack of depth was on display today, as they failed to bring up a plan B when their game failed to get going. In attack, their efficiency dropped to 52% at the end of the match, while their defence, who was the second-best by number of goals conceded after two matches, failed to contain Germany’s pressure.

Germany will take two points in the main round, where they will face Angola and the Czech Republic. Andre Fuhr’s side will be overwhelming favourites to proceed to the quarter-finals, as Angola have two points of their own, while Slovenia and the Czech Republic start with zero points. Therefore, another win for Germany could see them through to the next phase. On the other hand, Slovenia must win against both Angola and the Czech Republic to enjoy their best-ever finish at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship.


20:00 CEST Full-time: Denmark vs Argentina 33:22 (19:12)

Denmark had their ups and downs during this game, but their victory was never in question. In the end, they managed to win by 11 goals. Nine of their players scored at least once, with Maja Munch Laursen, Thea Hamann Rasmussen and Maria Berger Wierzba all netting six times.

With the maximum of six points in three games, Denmark progressed to the main round, where they will start with two points. It is already clear that they will face Norway in a Nordic clash tomorrow. Argentina finished third-placed with two points and will play in the President's Cup. Tomorrow they will face Brazil in an exciting South American derby.

Group C standings: 1. Denmark 6p (3g, goal difference +20), 2. Montenegro 4p (3g, goal difference +14), 3. Argentina 2p (3g, goal difference -17), 4. Italy 0p (3g, goal difference -17)


19:41 CEST Croatia achieves the turnaround

Croatia equalised after 6 minutes and then took control of the game. They turned their deficit into a lead and after 15 minutes the score is 18:16. But it remains a tight story. But Switzerland would have to make better use of their chances. In the meantime, their scoring rate is only 45%. And the fastbreak goals, which were a constant yesterday, are not working today. Will they be able to strike back once more?


19:40 CEST Denmark with one foot in the main round

Denmark enjoyed a superb start in the second half, as a 7:0 run powered them to a 26:12 lead. Only after that, Clara Scott scored Argentina's first goal after the break in the 39th minute, which started her team's 6:0 run. However, Denmark still lead – 26:18 in minute 46 – so they already have one foot in the main round.


19:39 CEST Germany lose key player Jörgens due to injury

The start of the second half was not exactly what Germany was envisioning. Star centre back Lucy Joergens went down with an arm injury and went directly to the locker room, while goalkeeper Alexandra Humpert received a ball to the face and needed medical attention. The potential absence of Joergens, Germany’s top scorer in the competition, with 19 goals, will be a big problem in the next matches of the competition, yet right now Germany are still dominating the hosts, whose start of the half was once again underwhelming, failing to score for the first five minutes and 35 seconds.

And the six-goal advantage they took early was protected until the 44th minute, 20:14, as Germany are cruising to their third win in a row at Slovenia 2022. They will be favourites to proceed to the quarter-finals if they secure this win and it is easy to see why. Andre Fuhr has done a terrific job with this side, which is playing better and better in this tournament.


overview arena


19:07 Half-time: Croatia vs Switzerland 11:12

In the 28th minute it looked as if Croatia could equalise, but then Switzerland's goalkeeper Soraya Schaller saved Bruna Zrnić's penalty. So far, she is the most successful goal scorer on the Croatian side with 6 goals in 9 attempts. Switzerland's Zora Litscher has scored all 3 of her attempts. 

The score was 11:12 going into the break. Will Switzerland make it to the main round in only their third IHF Women’s Junior World Championship participation? That would be a great success for the country, which will host the Women's European Championship 2024 together with Hungary and Austria. Or will Croatia return to their superiority of the last two games? 


19:06 Half-time: Denmark vs Argentina 19:12

Compact defence and fast counterattacks helped Denmark to pull clear at 12:5, but then Argentina used a 3:0 run to close the gap to 12:8. While the South American players improved in attack as the game progressed, Denmark maintained their advantage. They boast a 75% goal efficiency, while Argentine has only 52%. Given that Argentina has to take an eight-goal victory to reach the main round, they will need a miracle in the second half to reach their goal.


19:04 CEST Half-time: Germany vs Slovenia 14:10

Germany have navigated quite well through some difficult moments in the game, especially late in the second half when they were two players down due to suspension, but managed to escape without conceding a goal. They played well both in attack – where backs Nina Engel and Lucy Joergens shone, combining for eight goals - and in defence, as a four-goal gap, 14:10, ahead of Slovenia is no easy feature, especially in the context of a packed Golovec Arena in Celje, which undoubtedly supported their team.

Before the match, the two teams had the best saving efficiency in the goalkeeping department – Germany leading the way with 49.2%, followed close by Slovenia, with 48.2% - but the difference has surely been made by the shot-stoppers in this first half. Germany’s Alexandra Humpert constantly frustrated Slovenia, finishing with eight saves and a 44% saving efficiency, while Slovenia’s pair of Karen Kuralt and Sasa Posega only saved four shots for a meagre 23% efficiency.

The feeling is that Slovenia are surely going to try to do better and better in attack, but especially in defence, but this Germany side looks too strong today. Sure, we have seen surprises, especially in the last game between Romania and the Czech Republic here, in the Golovec Arena, yet Germany look sure of themselves. Let’s see what happens in the second half.


18:49 CEST Denmark dominant against Argentina

Argentina need a big win to climb to the second position, but so far they have led just once, 1:0. After that, Denmark took the game under their control, punishing the South American players for their mistake. The European team has a 75% shot efficiency, while Argentina are at just 40%. After 15 minutes, Denmark are in front 10:5.


18:46 CEST Hosts Slovenia record slow start for the third time in a row

Germany’s goalkeeper, Alexandra Humpert, has been in superb form to start the match, saving her first three shots in the first five minutes, including a penalty. Subsequently, Slovenia failed to score in the first five minutes and 48 seconds, as the emotions got the better of the hosts. It has already been a pattern worth observing, as Slovenia also had their share of trouble in the first two matches, against Mexico and Chile, with the two inexperienced sides keeping close until a surge from the hosts.

Germany had their own share of trouble, especially with containing line player Valentina Klemencic in defence, but they are looking just fine, despite a series of mistakes in attack. Slovenia have definitely identified centre back Lucy Joergens as the most dangerous opponent and have taken adequate measures, but Germany’s top scorer in the tournament has still managed to surprise the hosts once or twice. At the midway point in the first half, Germany are leading, 7:4, and look like good value to earn their third win on the trot.


18:45 CEST Croatia show weakness

So far, Croatia have been convincing in Slovenia and were able to record two resounding victories against Austria and Kazakhstan. But now they are struggling against Switzerland. They are leading 5:7 after 15 minutes, which is also due to the fact that Croatia has only been able to put 38% of their shots into the opponent's net. Untypical for the team, which had a 90% quota at times yesterday. But they have been able to close the gap and the gap is now only two goals. 

Will Switzerland keep up the pace or will they have to admit defeat to the physically superior Croatia? With a win, they would pass Austria in the standings again and would be in the main round. A draw is not enough. 


18:23 CEST Argentina face difficult task 

Only one match is remaining in Group C, and at 18:30, Denmark will meet Argentina at Zlatorog Arena. Denmark have four points, just as many as Montenegro, who have already played all three group matches. It seems like both European sides have the best chances to reach the main round – Argentina may go level with them on points if they win tonight, but they need to win by at least eight goals to climb to the second position, and this is a difficult task when you face Denmark.


17:58 CEST Full-time: Sweden vs Islamic Republic of Iran 33:15 (15:7)

Sweden struggled a lot in the opening 15 minutes of the match, but then improved following a time-out and showed their quality, ultimately taking a commanding 18-goal win. Agnes Aseskog continued to show a good performance in goal and was elected the Player of the Match. With the maximum of six points, the Nordic team is through to the main round alongside the second-placed Tunisia.

Islamic Republic of Iran kept their third position with one point, ahead of Guinea on goal difference. Overall, the Asian team looked quite decent in the group stage, given that it was their debut at this level. It looks like they have a fair chance to claim some wins in the President's Cup.

Group B standings: 1. Sweden - 6p (3g, goal difference +54). 2. Tunisia – 4p (3g, goal difference +9). 3. Islamic Republic of Iran – 1p (3g, goal difference -23). 4. Guinea – 1p (3g, goal difference -40)


Iran vs Sweden


17:55 CEST Full-time: Kazakhstan vs Austria 18:39 (10:17)

Towards the end, the Austrian offensive got going again. Thanks to 11 goals in the last quarter, Austria were able to celebrate a clear victory. They put their neighbours from Switzerland under a lot of pressure. They now have to win in any case if they want to enter the main round.

Kazakhstan are not only at the bottom of the table, but they have also conceded the most goals at this World Cup after India.  Definitely not the second place in a table where you want to be high up. 

The decision in Group G is imminent, with Croatia versus Switzerland kicking off at 18:30.

Group G standings: 1. Croatia 4p (2g, goal difference +35), 2. Austria 4p (3g, goal difference +14), 3. Switzerland 2p (2g, goal difference +15), 4. Kazakhstan 0p (3g, goal difference -64)


17:53 CEST Full-time: Romania vs Czech Republic 25:32 (14:14)

What a dramatic ending, what an amazing comeback, what a beautiful way to seal a main round berth! After losing by 11 goals yesterday against Angola, Czech Republic bounced back in admirable fashion today against Romania to progress to the next round of the competition. They needed a win by seven goals or more and they did exactly just that, clinching a superb 32:25 win that sent Romania out swinging, despite them winning their first two matches of the competition.

It was another great outing from back Charlotte Cholevova, who scored eight goals for the Czech Republic, who fought through thick and thin, even when they were down two goals in the first half to keep their dream alive. Romania are baffled, crying and they really do not understand what happened. It was a total collapse on their part, after such a great tournament so far.

But they will be out of the top 16 now and are going to have their worst-ever finish in the competition. Too many turnovers – 16 – playing without urgency and not understanding exactly what was at stake, a total demotivation on some players’ part did the harm. They will continue in the President’s Cup.

With this win, Czech Republic make it to the main round but will start it with zero points, as Angola will take the two points from this group.

Why did the Czech Republic qualify: Angola, Romania and the Czech Republic all finished the group with four points, so a three-team tie followed, with all sides tied at two points. The next criteria was the goal difference, with Angola boasting a 59:51 goal difference, the Czech Republic a 57:63 goal difference and Romania a 51:57 goal difference. Following the application of the next criteria, the number of goals scored, the Czech side progressed to the main round.


17:37 CEST Long periods without goals again

The second half of the match between Austriaand Kasakhstan started like the first half ended: with few goals. 12:28 after 45 minutes. 24 goals were scored in the first 22 minutes of the game. 

Austria will secure their ticket to the main round with this victory, which probably can no longer be prevented. But they will have to do better there if they don't want to go down without a fight. 

If Kazakhstan do not show a grandiose explosion of performance, they will definitely not be in the main round. And with a goal-scoring efficiency of less than 40%, it is hard to imagine that they will be able to turn things around. 


17:36 CEST Comfortable lead for Sweden

Sweden's shot efficiency is still below par at 53%. However, their defence is doing very well, and goalkeeper Agnes Aseskos is helping with some saves. In attack, Jennifer Johansson stands out with her five goals so far, while four of her teammates netted three times each. The Islamic Republic of Iran managed to score only twice since the beginning of the second half, and Sweden comfortably leads 24:9 in the 45th minute.


17:35 CEST Staying alive, staying alive

In yesterday’s game against Lithuania, Romania came a totally different team after the break and managed to decide the game in just a matter of minutes. This time around, the scenario is different. The flurry of turnovers continues, with plenty of unexplainable mistakes piling on for Horatiu Pasca’s side. Romania’s coach was forced to take a timeout after only six minutes in the second half, as the Czech Republic jumped to a 5:1 run to start the second half and opened a four-goal gap, 19:15, their biggest in the game.

It will be a battle of attrition for Romania to keep the Czech team at bay now, as they have scored only three goals in the first 14 minutes of the second half, with their attack faltering on a minute-by-minute basis and the confidence level low. Remember, Czech Republic need to win by at least seven goals to qualify for the main round. That is half of the job done, as they lead 21:17, with 16 minutes to go.


17:06 CEST Half-time: Kazakhstan vs Austria 10:17

Six-minute goal drought: between the 21st and 27th minute, neither team managed to put the ball in the opponent's goal. After that, both Kazakhstan and Austria scored two goals each. Austria's coach Helfried Müller was not at all happy with this result. After all, the neighbours from Switzerland were much more efficient yesterday and in the end, the goal difference could be decisive if Switzerland wins against Croatia later. 

Kazakhstan, on the other hand, can be satisfied that they have only scored one fastbreak goal so far, while Switzerland scored 22 times yesterday. 


17:05 CEST Half-time: Sweden vs Islamic Republic of Iran 15:7

Early in the game, Islamic Republic of Iran looked more focused, and their goalkeeper made a few great saves. But gradually Sweden started to show their true quality. The European team improved their defence a lot and enjoyed a 7:0 run between minutes 16 and 26, often scoring from fast counterattacks. Islamic Republic of Iran should be credited for their spirit and commitment, yet it looks like Sweden will win today.



17:04 CEST Half-time: Romania vs Czech Republic 14:14

A 3:0 unanswered run spanning from the 25th to the 28th minute helped Romania wrestle away the lead from the Czech Republic, but the game has been full of ups and downs for both teams, as neither could find the right moment to strike and open an important gap. The Czech team had seven turnovers, Romania lost the ball ten times due to unforced mistakes in attack, therefore there is still plenty to correct in the game of both teams.

The defences have been on top, despite 28 goals being scored, 14 from each side. But key players like Charlotte Cholevova (four goals) or Alicia Gogirla (two goals) have not shined, as the last 30 minutes will decide who joins Angola to the main round at Slovenia 2022. Romania are still in pole position, needing to avoid a loss by seven goals or more to fail to qualify.


16:49 CEST Islamic Republic of Iran level with Sweden

Sweden's coach had to call for a time-out already nine minutes into the match. His team, who had already secured a main round spot, were losing 3:5. The Asian team's goalkeeper Marziyeh Dehsorkhi made a few great saves, limiting the Nordic team to a meagre 33% shot efficiency. Midway through the second half, Sweden drew level at 6:6, but they need to be more focused to get a third straight win. 


16:48 CEST Austria on the way to the main round?

Austria's coach Helfried MĂĽller said after yesterday's defeat against Croatia: "Now we have to clear our heads and beat Kazakhstan. At the same time, we have to hope that Croatia wins against Switzerland. If both happen, we can be satisfied with the preliminary round."

So far, despite a missed penalty, things don't look too bad: 12:6 for Austria. Kristina "Kiki" Dramac scored 2 more goals and can thus extend her lead in the top scorer list. 

Kazakhstan found their way into the game after about 10 minutes and were able to make better use of their chances. They reduced the deficit to 4 goals, but then they let themselves be overrun by Austria again.  


16:47 CEST Czech Republic running out of time for main round berth

Romania need to keep calm and collected, as losing the game against the Czech Republic by six goals or less will not impact their chances of progression to the main round. Yet the nerves are still there, with some clear-cut misses in the first 15 minutes that could prove costly in the long term. Horatiu Pasca’s side definitely looks better than yesterday, in the match against Lithuania, especially as centre back Ioana Necula has looked on fire in the first part of the game.

Czech Republic even boasted a two-goal lead and had the chance to make it three, but a great save from a one-on-one fast break by Sara Rus helped Romania contain the pressure. And now, after 14 minutes, Romania are even ahead, 7:6, as they have been slotting in nicely into the game.


16:20 CEST Sweden looking for third straight win

The only remaining match in Group B will start at 16:30 at Zlatorog Arena. Sweden, who are the only European team in this group, are already through to the main round with two victories, and they are certain to stay on top and carry two points over to the next stage. In turn, their opponents from the Islamic Republic of Iran have lost their hopes to reach the main round and will continue in the President's Cup. Now they are third-placed ahead of Guinea, and they should avoid a big defeat, by 36 or more goals, to stay there. So far, the Asian rookies have left a decent impression at Slovenia 2022, as they split points with Guinea and lost against Tunisia by just five goals. Will they also manage to cause some problems for Sweden?


16:03 CEST Full-time: Hungary vs Poland 30:16 (14:11)

Hungary's 6:0 run early in the second half played a crucial role in this game. After that, title-holders slowed down for a while and finished with a mediocre goal efficiency of 59%, but rock-solid defence helped them to clinch a third straight win. The Hungarians are through to the main round, where they will start with two points.

Poland were restricted by just five goals in the second half, but basically, they lost a key match yesterday against Egypt. Tonight Egypt will face the last-placed USA, and even a draw will be enough for the African team to go through. Only if USA win, which seems unlikely, Poland may join Hungary in the main round.

Group H standings: 1. Hungary 6p (3g, goal difference +74). 2. Poland 2p (3g, goal difference +7). 3. Egypt  2p (2g, goal difference -27). 4. USA 0p (2g, goal difference -64)


15:58 CEST Full-time Montenegro vs Italien 29:22 (13:11)

The beautiful arithmetic games were for nothing. In the end, Montenegro win 29:22 and have one foot in the main round. Argentina would have to win by 21 goals in the 18:30 match against Denmark at the Zlatoroc Arena to move up to one of the top two places in the table. There are always surprises, but Denmark have been in very good form so far, so again it's just theoretical arithmetic.

Italy's Bevelyn Osarosemwen Eghianruwa was the match's top scorer with eight goals. Montenegro's Anastasija Marsenić and Anastasija Marsenić were each successful six times. 

Group C standings: 1. Denmark 4p (2g, goal difference +9), 2. Montenegro 4p (3g, goal difference +14), 3. Argentina 2p (2g, goal difference -6), 4. Italy 0p (3g, goal difference -7)


15:53 CEST Full-time: France vs Norway 34:34 (15:20)

This has definitely been the best match in the preliminary round so far, between two real powerhouses, that will likely challenge for the top places at the end of the 23rd IHF Women’s Junior World Championship. While France looked better than Norway in the first two games, it was the Scandinavian side who was better positioned to clinch the win after leading by as many as five goals in the second half. But in a twist of fate, France mounted an impressive comeback, took the lead for the first time with 100 seconds to go and looked certain of a win.

Only for Norway to secure their comeback, as back Frida Andersen avenged missing a penalty in the last minute with a last-gasp goal that helped the Scandinavian side clinch a draw, 34:34, in a game that duly delivered on its promise. Yet France’s comeback still was a superb one, with some amazing performances from four players that will surely make their mark in the future. The MVP of the game, centre back Lena Grandveau, scored eight goals and assisted other six, Kiara Tshimanga, who played both as a left wing and as a right back, added eight goals, line player Sarah Bouktit was immense with seven goals and as a central defender, while goalkeeper Jemima Kabeya finished the game with 16 saves and a 44% saving efficiency.

Norway and France will each start the main round Group II with one point, as the two sides get ready to face most likely Denmark and Montenegro, in a 100% European group, that will yield two quarter-finalists, the top two places in the final standings.

Group D final standing: 1. France 5p (goal difference +32) 2. Norway 5p (goal difference +12), 3. Republic of Korea 2p (goal difference -11), 4. Brazil 0p (goal difference -33)


15:43 CEST Hungary managed to pull clear 

After the restart, Hungary are playing more focused and organized, particularly in defence. They enjoyed a 6:0 run before Julia Niewiadomska scored Poland's first goal after the restart almost 11 minutes into the second half. Unlike in the opening 30 minutes, the difference between the teams is now obvious, which translates into Hungary's 20:13 lead in minute 45. There is little doubt that the reigning champions will cruise to a victory and reach the main round, while Poland will most probably continue in the President's Cup.


15:41 CEST Still an even match between Montenegro and Italy 

Italy become more efficient, could equalise and are only one goal behind after 45 minutes. Everything is still possible and maybe Italy will manage to end the preliminary round with a draw or even a win. In the latter case, the group would once again become really exciting. Because if Argentina lose to Denmark, all three teams would have two points and every goal would decide who makes it to the main round. But these are just arithmetic games for now because Italy would have to win first.


15:35 CEST Norway struggle to contain France

The pace has been really upped at the start of the second half and that has been clearly planned by France, who are sharper and more precise in attack. They have erased more than half the gap separating themselves from Norway, as centre back Lena Grandveau has been unstoppable at times, scoring six goals and dishing three assists in the first 40 minutes of the game. The comeback, which saw France cut the gap to two goals, 23:22, prompted Norway’s coach, Tore Johanessen, to call a timeout to instil new life in his players.

With 15 minutes to go, this is still anybody’s game. Norway are still leading by three goals, 28:25, but the key players in France’s squad, Lena Grandveau and line player Sarah Bouktit have been flawless over the last minutes. The winner will be decided in the next minutes and it will be the team who adapts the better to the opponent. Right now, the momentum is shifting once again to Norway’s favour.


Norway vs France


15:09 CEST Half-time: Montenegro vs Italy 13:11

The game between the two southern European countries continues to be close. Montenegro go into the break with a small lead. But the goal-scoring efficiency is still too low on both sides. With 5 goals, Montenegro`s Nada Kadović is the most successful scorer of the match so far. 

Italy's offensive problem is well known, they were already the team with the fewest goals scored at the European qualifying tournament. Now their rate is also only 37% after 30 minutes. 


15:08 CEST Half-time: Hungary vs Poland 14:11

After two big wins in previous encounters, Hungary were seen as strong favourites in their last group game against Poland. But this is a do-or-die match for the Polish team, who needs a win to reach the main round. For much of the first half, Poland looked very determined, they defended well and found ways to get past the Hungarian defence. Hungary played somewhat nonchalant, they missed many shots, yet they have enough quality to secure a three-goal lead at half-time. Still, this advantage seems shaky, and the Polish comeback after the restart does not seem unlikely. 


15:04 CEST Half-time: France vs Norway 15:20

France definitely had their share of issues in the first half, but the most poignant one was the defence, which leaked a huge amount of goals. After conceding only 39 in the first two matches, an average of 19.5 per game, Eric Baradat’s side shipped 20 goals against Norway, the largest number in the first half at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship since the quarter-finals at Croatia 2014, when they conceded the same amount against another Scandinavian side, Denmark. It was both the lack of aggressivity throughout the game and the low saving efficiency of the goalkeeping pair of Melanie Halter and Jemima Kabeya which hurt France in this game. But the attack also provided too many missed chances, nine turnovers and a slow pace.

On the other hand, Norway, who failed to surprise in the first two matches, despite taking two wins, have been nothing short of excellent. Using a 8:2 run powered by line player Kaja Rohne and Maja Saeteren, who combined for five goals during this span, the Scandinavian side really made a big step towards winning their third game in a row and starting the main round with two points, which would enhance their chances to progress to the knockout phase at Slovenia 2022. There are still 30 minutes left, so everything might happen, but Norway look to be in the driving seat with a 20:15 lead.


14:50 CEST Little efficiency on either side in Montenegro vs Italy

The teams met in a European qualifying tournament for the IHF Women’s Junior World Championships. Back then with the better end for Montenegro, who won 26:24. Now Italy wants revenge.

Today, both teams have to find their way into the game, both give away too many chances. 50% goal scoring efficiency for Montenegro and just 38 for Italy is far too little. Accordingly, the score is only 5:5 after 15 minutes.

14:48 CEST Hard-fought game between Poland and Hungary

After a frustrating defeat against Egypt yesterday, Poland need a win to progress to the main round, and they look very determined. Early in the game, they took a 3:1 lead, but then Group H leaders Hungary woke up and improved their game. However, the teams are level at 5:5 in minute 15, and both rivals seem to defend better than attack. Hungary's coach has just taken his first time-out – will it help his team to pull clear?


14:47 CEST Norway surprise France with good start

Developed by the EHF Champions League Women winners from the last two seasons, Vipers Kristiansand, but loaned to other clubs over the course of the last two years, Norway’s centre back, Martine Andersen, has been instrumental for her team in the first part of this crucial game at the IHF Women’s World Championship. She is the catalyst for everything Norway do in attack and had a direct hand in five of Norway’s eight goals in the first half, with three goals and two assists.

She could not be stopped by France’s defence, who has been leaking goals in the start of this match. In fact, France have been totally outplayed by Norway, failed to get their attack going, other than relying on line player Sarah Bouktit, who scored three times in the first eight minutes, while goalkeeper Melanie Halter stopped only two shots for a meagre 22% saving efficiency. France are under serious pressure now, as Norway lead 8:7 after 13 minutes, as Eric Baradat’s side will need to up their game.


14:21 CEST Hungary seen as favourites in all-European clash

The next match at Zlatorog Arena will be a European derby, as Poland will face Hungary in Group H. With two wins in as many matches, the reigning champions Hungary will hardly miss a main round spot, yet they need one point to mathematically secure their progression. Poland is in a more difficult situation – they are now ranked second, ahead of Egypt on goal difference, but as the African team will be strong favourites against the USA later today, Poland also need a win.


14:20 CEST Favourites face off in crunch clash in Golovec Arena 

Things are starting to get serious now, as the first clash scheduled in the Golovec Arena in Celje between two teams that have already progressed to the main round will start in ten minutes. France and Norway will be clashing, and we will see exactly how good Eric Baradat’s side, who impressed over the first two matches, is. With a strong defence and some great attacking moves, France have been one of the most consistent sides in the competition.

But Norway are also a powerhouse in their own making, despite failing to impress as much in the first two matches against Brazil and the Republic of Korea. The winner will take the two points into the main round, so the incentive is huge for the future in the tournament. Will France display the same good handball or can Norway, the silver medallists from Hungary 2018, stop them in their tracks?


14:00 CEST Full-time: India vs Slovakia 12:59 (4:29)

In the end, Slovakia hit the 50-goal mark and were just one goal shy of 60. Besides, they claimed the biggest win at the current tournament so far, by as many as 47 goals. They boasted a 83% goal efficiency, while India, who somewhat improved their attack in the last 15 minutes, had 41%. Victoria Gyoriova became a top scorer of the match with 16 goals.

So, Slovakia did their job well, and now they have three points and +35 goal difference. Netherlands, who are also on three points, have +28. In the Dutch team takes at least one point from group leaders Japan this evening, they will go through. But any Japan's victory will be good news for Slovakia, who will reach the mane round in that case.

Group A standings: 1. Japan – 4p (2g, goal difference +30). 2. Slovakia – 3p (3g, goal difference +35). 3. Netherlands – 3p (2g, goal difference +28). 4. India – 0p (3g, goal difference -93)


13:58 CEST Full-time: Tunisia vs Guinea 35:24 (17:10)

That's the main round ticket for Tunisia. Even if Iran go above and beyond and beat the favourites Sweden, they will have a maximum of 3 points. Sweden will finish first in the group because they have +36 goals at the moment, 25 goals more than Tunisia. It is unlikely that they will lose by that much.

It was not a successful revenge for Guinea. On the contrary, the defeat at the continental championships was close, but this time it was clear. The focus is now on the President's Cup, where they want to present themselves well once again in order to bid a conciliatory farewell to their first IHF Women's Junior World Championships.

Group B standings: 1. Sweden 4p (2g, goal difference +36), 2. Tunisia 4p (3g, goal difference +9), 3. Islamic Republic of Iran 1p (2g, goal difference -5), 4. Guinea 1p (3g, goal difference -20)


13:54 CEST Full-time: Brazil vs Republic of Korea 22:28 (10:13)

After two consecutive losses, the Republic of Korea just sealed their first win at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, 28:22, against Brazil, in a game they controlled from start to finish, as they took the lead and never looked back. It is definitely not the tournament that Korea wanted, but the difference between them and European sides France and Norway has been just too big.

Sure, there are players who look to have a strong impact on the future, like backs Yeonsong Lee, Eunhye Ji or Hansol Choi, but the fact is that Korea will finish for the first time in 20 editions of the competition outside of the top 10. They will also meet other two strong teams from Group C in their group of the President’s Cup, therefore they will learn even more from Slovenia 2022.

On the other hand, Brazil will definitely record their worst-ever finish at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, after failing to qualify for the main round. As their previous worst placement was the 15th spot in 1991, 2003 and 2014, the South American side will need to improve in the next phase of the competition, after finishing the preliminary round for the first time without taking a single point.

Group D standings: 1. France 4p (2g, +32 goal difference), 2. Norway 4p (2g, goal difference +12), 3. Republic of Korea 2p (3g, goal difference-12), 4. Brazil 0p (3g, goal difference-32)


13:38 CEST Tunisia’s lead grows

The hoped-for turnaround has failed to materialise. Tunisia lead by 10 goals after 45 minutes. This means they will enter the main round as group runners-up behind Sweden.

Tunisia, meanwhile, are slacking a little in their shooting efficiency and have dropped to 60%. But even that won't stop them from winning. The lead is now too big and Guinea's error rate too high.


13:37 CEST Slovakia looking to set tournament record

Slovakia need a big win, and they are doing their best to earn it, capitalizing on India's multiple mistakes and continuing to increase their lead. 15 minutes from full-time, they are in front 42:5. The European team scored their 40th goal in minute 42, and it looks like they can become the first team to hit the 50-goal mark at Slovenia 2020. Besides, Slovakia have a chance to claim the biggest win at this competition – now it is Hungary's 46:5 against the USA.


13:36 CEST Korea still hold the advantage over Brazil

With the winners taking the points into the President’s Cup, the battle is fierce between Brazil and the Republic of Korea, who are trading blows during the second half. The Asian side opened their first five-goal gap, 17:12, after 38 minutes, as back Hanju Lee helped Hansol Choi and Eunhye Ji with four goals, all of which came in the last 16 minutes of the match.

Brazil are hurting in attack, turning the ball over ten times, but are still in with a chance, provided they protect the ball better. It will be a tough ask against a swarming defence from Korea, yet right now the Asian side is still leading by four goals, 19:15, with 15 minutes to go.


Brazil vs Korea


13:07 CEST Half-time: Brazil vs Republic of Korea 10:13

For all of Korea’s fast-paced attack, they only scored 43 goals in the first two games at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, only one more than Brazil before the mutual game between the two sides. But this has also been a low-scoring match in the first half, with the Asian side taking a 13:10 lead at the break. Once again, the main disruption for Brazil was their attack, who ranked 29th out of 32 at Slovenia 2022 in efficiency, as the South American side only boasted a 40.3% efficiency throughout the competition. They have been just on par in this game, converting 42.1% of their chances, which is definitely not what is needed to win a match.

However, Korea have not been much better. Only players scored a goal for them in the first 30 minutes, with captain Hansol Choi leading the way with six goals, followed by fellow back Eunhye Ji, with four goals. In fact, the two backs have scored 76% of Korea’s goals and as many goals as the whole Brazil team, which needs more from the other players in the second half.


13:06 CEST Half-time India vs Slovakia 4:29

By the end of the first half, Slovakia's shot efficiency somewhat dropped to 80%, yet they continue to hold a big advantage in this match. Fast breaks are Slovakia's lethal weapon, and their commanding lead leaves no doubts about the outcome. Actually +25 is the biggest half-time lead of any team in the current tournament. Viktoria Gyoriova continues to tear the Indian defence apart, having already scored nine goals, more than twice as many as the whole Indian team.

As we remember, the Slovaks need to win as big as possible to retain chances for a main round spot, and so far they have lived up to expectations. But in any case, everything will be decided in the match Japan vs Netherlands tonight.


13:05 CEST Half-time: Tunisia vs Guinea 17:10

Tunisia no longer give Guinea a chance. In the meantime, they have extended their lead to 7 goals. This will make it difficult for Guinea to close the gap again. Participation in the main round is now a distant prospect. 

Or can they turn things around and turn the game around in the second half? It's hard to imagine at the moment, as their goal-scoring efficiency has now dropped below 50%. Too many mistakes that Tunisia can exploit. It seems that Guinea cannot easily compensate for the absence of captain Bintou Oulare. Not only is she a leader, but she is also dangerous in attack and provides goals.  


12:49 CEST Korean goalkeeper Gaeun Lee frustrates Brazil

Both teams are trying to give everything they have, despite being eliminated from contention for the main round. The Republic of Korea are still using their fast-paced game, with dazzling backs that are trying to break through Brazil’s defence. It is an interesting game, this, with two totally different teams – one which relies on size and strength and the other on creativity and a fast pace of the game.

Despite conceding two early suspensions, Korea are firmly up ahead in the game, as Brazil’s attack could simply not convert their chances into goals. In fact, after 13 minutes, a single player, left wing Maryanna Ferreira, has scored goals for Brazil, with their attacking efficiency down to a meagre 25%. There is no surprise, therefore, that Korea took a 6:2 lead, as their goalkeeper, Gaeun Lee, has posted an otherworldly 75% saving efficiency.


12:48 CEST Advantage for Tunisia against Guinea

The two teams from Africa know each other well, having met at the continental championships in the spring. On that occasion, Tunisia had a happier ending, winning 30:27 to take the bronze medal. 

Three goals separate the two teams after 15 minutes. A slight advantage for Tunisia so far, who would thus qualify for the main round. Guinea will have to put an end to their technical mistakes in attack if they want to make it to the main round. Tunisia are also more efficient in attack so far: 73% compared to Guinea's 56%.


12:47 CEST Slovakia boast impressive shot efficiency

Slovakia did not waste time and quickly took  firm control of the game. They look very focused, their defence is working well, which allows the European team to score from fast breaks. India is trying to fight, but their defence is not able to hold the speedy opponents back. After 15 minutes of the game, Slovakia boast an impressive 93% shot efficiency, which results in their 13:3 lead. Viktoria Gyoriova is their best scorer so far, with five goals from five attempts.


12:25 CEST Slovakia need big win against India

The first of five Saturday matches at Zlatorog Arena in Celje is about to start in a few minutes. In Group A, India will face Slovakia, and while the Asian debutants are already out of contention for the main round spot, their European rivals still have a chance for the second place. However, it is a difficult last, as Slovakia have one point and -12 goal difference, and Netherlands are on three points and boast +28 goal difference. Now the Slovaks have to beat India by a margin as big as possible, and soon we will see if they will manage it.


11:58 CEST Full-time: Angola vs Lithuania 31:18

As the final whistle was blown in the Golovec Arena in Celje, Angola became the seventh team to clinch its main round berth, with the second win in three games in Group E, 31:18, against Lithuania. It was not the best game from the African side, somewhat understandably after this being on the tail end of back-to-back matches, but it was still a dominating performance, their clearest win at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship since a 42:23 win against Uzbekistan at Russia 2016, in the preliminary round.

They will now face Germany and Slovenia in the main round, but the main question for the African side will now be the amount of points which they take in the next phase of the competition. If the Czech Republic beat Romania by seven goals or more, then Angola start the main round with two points. If not, then they will need wins against Germany and Slovenia to qualify for the quarter-finals. It is a tough ask, surely, and Angola need to improve their disciplinary record – they had seven suspensions and a red card in this game – to stand a chance. Otherwise, they have all the necessary qualities to put other European teams to the test.

Group standing E: 1. Angola 4p (3g, +21 goal difference), 2. Romania 4p (2g, +12), 3. Czech Republic 2p (+6), 4. Lithuania 0p (-39)


11:38 CEST Angola continue to make their mark

There have not been many changes in the order of play in this match, as Angola are now cruising to the win that will enable them to secure a main round berth and finish in the top 16 teams at Slovenia 2022. Lithuania have really started to falter and they are making easy mistakes, conceding too many turnovers, with the gap getting bigger and bigger. Angola might be tired from yesterday’s win against the Czech Republic and it is showing in some moments, but they are still driving with grit and courage in this match. With 15 minutes left in the game, the African team is up 22:11 and have the win in the bag.

In the second half of the games they played at Slovenia 2022, Lithuania have scored 20 goals – 9 in the games against the Czech Republic and Romania and only two against Angola up until this point. Lithuania will exit the preliminary round from the fourth place in the group, as by the end of this game they would have lost all the three matches against Romania, the Czech Republic and Angola. The Baltic side will measure their force in the next days in the President’s Cup, hoping to come away with a win against Mexico and Chile.


Angola vs Lithuania


11:05 CEST Half-time: Angola vs Lithuania 14:9

There have been two pivotal moments in the game and both refer to Angola’s unanswered runs that helped create the 14:9 lead at the break. First, the African side cancelled a 3:0 lead from Lithuania with a 5:0 unanswered run between the 6th and 10th minutes, while the second such a run came between the 19th and 25th minutes, another 5:0 partial that really saw Lithuania impossible to stop their counterparts. It has not been an efficient game from Angola, but plenty of players chimed in, with eight different scorers on the board for their 14 goals.

Lithuania, who made their comeback after 17 years at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, are heading to their third loss in a row and will continue in the President’s Cup, but this really is a moment where they can grow. They showed great spirit both against Romania and Angola, after a tough loss against the Czech Republic in the first game. They just need to capitalise on the gains that will be made here.


10:45 CEST Angola shake off bad start to take the lead

Angola can be a pretty effective team on a good day, but this has truly been a slow start on their part, especially with a main round berth on the line. They had six turnovers in the first six minutes and only managed to score their first goal after six minutes and ten seconds, through a penalty shot. By that time, Lithuania were already 3:0 up, a strong start after a good first half against Romania yesterday, when they had the lead at the break, 11:10.

The Baltic’s side problem, however, especially on a back-to-back game day is their depth. They simply cannot compete for all the 60 minutes, therefore it will be tough for them to keep the rhythm. And after the strong start, they already faltered. Embarking on a 5:0 unanswered run in only four minutes, Angola took control of the game and are leading, 5:3, after 13 minutes, as they head to the main round.


10:20 CEST Moment of truth for Angola

A monster day awaits at the 23rd edition of the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship and the first game on the cards is the one featuring Angola and Lithuania. The African side are coming in hot into the match, after a 11-goal win against the Czech Republic, where they displayed impressive physical qualities to take the win and ensure they control their own destiny in the competition.

A win would ensure progression to the main round, as Romania and the Czech Republic collide in the final match of Group E at Slovenia 2022. A huge underdog coming into the competition, Angola can now be on their path for the best-ever finish at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship. With exceptional motor skills and great creativity in attack, they surely deserve it.


10:15 CEST How to watch

Want to follow the action live in the halls in Celje and Lasko? Then you can do so via livestream or partly also on TV. 

Viaplay, for example, today broadcasts several matches like those of Poland, Sweden, or Netherlands. AMC / Sport 1 will cover the matches of Hungary and Czech Republic.


10:00 CEST Dramac still leads the top scorer ranking

We have used to treat you with some statistics before the start of each day at Slovenia 2022, so here are the main pointers ahead of the last round of the preliminary round in Celje and Lasko. Despite the loss against Croatia, Austria still deliver the top scorer of the competition, back Kristina Dramac, who scored 26 goals in the first two matches. Dramac is followed by Czech Republic’s back Charlotte Cholevova, with 19 goals and two players tied with 16 goals, India’s Bhawana and Slovenia’s Erin Novak.

Novak is an atypical player, having started handball as a goalkeeper before transitioning to a left back. Her story is told on our website here.



Ein Beitrag geteilt von IHF (@ihf.official)


9:45 CEST Who and especially how they can get through to the main round?

Six teams – Japan, Sweden, France, Norway, Germany and Slovenia – have already qualified for the main round. Other ten will join them, but who will those teams be? We have a group-by-group breakdown ready for you, to envision all the scenarios that can be possible today. Disclaimer: their number is definitely not small. How can the Czech Republic, for instance, advance, despite their loss against Angola? Can Italy breakthrough with a win against Montenegro? Or will Poland be eliminated after their loss against Egypt?

Learn everything there is to know about the state of affairs at Slovenia 2022 here.


9:30 CEST Ready for a huge day full of handball

Welcome to today's live blog for the 2022 IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, the place you will find everything you need for the competition that hosts the best junior players in women’s handball.

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