Five main round spots available as preliminary round ends in Heraklion

22 Jun. 2022

Five main round spots available as preliminary round ends in Heraklion

Live blog: Day 2 of the 2022 IHF Men's and Women's Beach Handball World Championships saw all the teams decided for the main round.

See below for who made it and who didn't.

Today's matches:

  • 10:30 EEST Argentina vs Netherlands (2-0) / Uruguay vs Australia (2-0)
  • 15:50 EEST Germany vs Norway (2-0)
  • 16:40 EEST Brazil vs Hungary (2-1)
  • 17:30 EEST Denmark vs Spain (2-0) / Vietnam vs United States of America (1-2)
  • 19:10 EEST Mexico vs Thailand (0-2) / Greece vs Portugal (2-0)


20:00 EEST We conclude today, see you tomorrow for the main and consolation rounds

The schedule has changed a lot from the planned one due to TV requests. Check here for it.


19:42 EEST Thailand do enough, defeat Mexico and through to main round

A 2-0 win for the Thai team is enough to go into the last 12, while Thailand have to settle for the consolation round. Greece end top with three wins in three matches.

Strong for the hosts.

USA women's beach coach Lisa Dunn


18:59 EEST USA coach and former player Lisa Dunn "proud" of history-making team

"It's absolutely incredible, I'm extremely proud of our team, they pulled out a w (win)," she told after the match.

"It's really difficult to win a shoot-out after losing the second half but they just kept their morale high, their confidence high and they were able to execute really well.

"We kind of say you have to have a 'goldfish brain'," she added about forgetting the second period loss before the shoot-out.

"You just got to shake it off, keep going, keep chipping away at it as best as you can. Thailand did really well shutting our offence down and we got a couple of calls that were against us. The red card rattled us (Cedar Bellows) but we were able to shake all that off when it came to executing the shoot-out."

"Usually we like to celebrate wins with a meal together so we're excited for dinner but we'll have a team meeting tonight to refocus and focus on recovery. The heat today took it out of them.

"During our training camp there was an amazing family tavern that really treated us very well. It's a town over from here so we're hoping that they'll come out and support us tomorrow, we're really excited for that."


18:10 EEST USA make history and qualify for their first-ever main round

An 8:7 shoot-out win over Vietnam meant it was the USA and not their opponents who make it through to the last 12.

A turnaround in sets from Vietnam ensured that the USA had to reset for the shots, but they showed their concentration to take the win.

We have been trying to speak to the coach and the players but they are all currently watching the USA men's team against Puerto Rico in their own play-off.

It could be an historic USA double here in Heraklion!


17:40 EEST "We will play all games as if they are our final," says Brazil's Scheppa


Brazil’s Patricia Scheppa, who scored the points right at the death of the second period to keep her side in the championship against Hungary, spoke to after their shoot-out win.

“The feeling is wonderful,” she said. "We fought hard to be here. Brazil has been going through many difficulties so this victory means a lot to all of us, for all those who support us, for our work. We are very happy.

“All the squad are making this fight on the court worth it. We knew about the maths, that we might have to win by at least seven, depending on the result. But what we did know, was that victory was essential for us.

"We knew that our last attack would define the game so everyone entered the court very concentrated to make that last ball go down the game. Everyone was very strong to score and then defend.

“Now we have to think about the future of the competition. We will play all games as if they were our final until we reach our main objective which, if it all goes well, becoming world champions.”


17:22 EEST One of the classics has just finished - Hungary out, Brazil through

The 'Group of Death' should be renamed 'The Group of Drama'. It was always going to through up some absolute scenes with Germany, Norway, Brazil and Hungary in it and it delivered.

While Germany cruised through, with three wins, Brazil, Norway and Hungary pretty much had to wait until the very last shot as the Brazil vs Hungary match went to a shoot-out.

It went that way after Brazil came back from the dead with 18 seconds left, following a time out. They went up 19:18 with 18 seconds remaining in the second period, after Patricia Scheppa grabbed two points.

This left seven seconds for Tamas Neukum and his Hungarian side to get something back, after their own time out and they misstarted it, having to retake, losing two seconds and then shooting wide.

So it went to a shoot-out. 

An overthrown direct attempt by Dalma Mátéfi went wide and then Luca Vajda's shot hit the post. Brazil then only had to score their fifth shot to confirm the win and they did, eventually, 10:6.


17:13 EEST A shoot-out to decide the fate of Brazil, Hungary and Norway

Too much drama for us.


17:12 EEST Brazil hanging on, they draw level

It was all drama at the end, two time outs in the last 10 seconds, Hungary miss their last shot and Brazil take a 19:18 second period.


16:50 EEST Hungary lead

They have won the first period 1-0, 15:10. They are doing all they can to stay in the hunt for a medal - remember they were a late addition to the championship. 


16:33 EEST Hungary and Brazil on court 'warming up'

It is very warm today so not sure if 'warming up' is the right phrase, but this match will be a hot one. Hungary need a 2-0 victory to progress (and they will take Norway with them and send Brazil out) a loss will see them exit.

It's complicated - read here why.


16:25 EEST Norway lose second period by seven

It's a disaster for the Norwegians in the second period, losing 20:27 and now their fate of progression in Heraklion is in the hands of others. A nervous wait.


16:04 EEST Germany leading the way, can Norway push it to shots?

Norway need to find a way to come back after losing the first period 14:19 against the European champions. Can they find another gear?


15:50 EEST A northern Europe derby as Norway have everything to play for

It's complicated - read here why.


11:15 EEST That's it for the morning session

Short and sweet! Two games down, six remaining. We're back at 15:55 EEST.


11:10 EEST Uruguay join Argentina and group winner Netherlands in main round

Uruguay ensured they reached the last 12 as they beat Argentina 2-0 in, effectively, a play-off for the last main round group place from preliminary group C.

Guillermina Patricia Rodriguz Martinez top-scored with 14 points for the Uruguayans. 

In the game for top spot, Netherlands will take a maximum four point into the main round now after they saw off Argentina. The Dutch women are really scoring a lot of points in Greece, that's another 54 today in their 2-0 win.


10:00 EEST Last preliminary round day throws off

After an action-packed day 1 of the Greece 2022 IHF Women's Beach Handball World Championship, day 2 is just about to throw off. It's the last preliminary round day, which does not only mean that we know the main round teams at the end of it but also that there are still some spots open to be among the last 12 – and the teams are more than eager to get one of these spots and stay in the race for the medals. 

Thrilling matches are therefore guaranteed! 

Read everything you need to know about today in our preview and check how to follow the event here.