TEAM CHILECoach: Matteo Garralda (ESP)




Team Info

Since the former FC Barcelona player and Champions League winner Matteo Garralda took over the Chilean team, they have developed a lot. Under his leadership, they took their biggest success on continental level by making it to the final of the Pan American Championship on home ground in 2016. At the World Championship in France 2017, they made history by their first ever group phase win, beating Belarus. Three brothers imprinted the Chilean team in the previous years – the Feuchtmanns. Their German born grandfather went to Chile in the early 1920’s, his grandsons became the most famous players of their team, including professional contracts at European clubs. Besides, Marco Oneto was the most popular Chilean player – and the only one to win the Champions League (with Barcelona). Chile were the 24th and last team to qualify for the 2019 World Championship. And they even needed an extra-time, until the 39:36 victory against the hosts in the bronze final of the Pan-American Championship in Greenland was secured.


World Championship match results: 2011: 22, 2013: 23 2015: 23, 2017: 21

Olympic Games match results: - Pan American Championship match results: 1981: 5, 2002: 5, 2004: 4, 2006: 5, 2008: 4, 2010: BRONZE, 2012: BRONZE, 2014: BRONZE, 2016: SILVER, 2018: BRONZE

Qualification for Denmark/Germany 2019: bronze medallists at the 2018 Pan American Championship