2022 IHF Men's Super Globe: Squad changes

20 Oct. 2022

2022 IHF Men's Super Globe: Squad changes

All late registrations and player replacements for the 2022 IHF Men’s Super Globe will appear here. This article will be updated throughout the championship.

For provisional (pre-tournament) 35-name squad lists check the 'Teams' section of the 2022 IHF Men’s Super Globe mini-site.

*Information correct as of Thursday 20 October 2022*

Thursday 20 October

Barç: #12 Emil Nielsen (goalkeeper) IN, #36 Roberto Domenech (goalkeeper) OUT


Player replacement criteria

Each team may replace up to five (5) players at any time (e.g., each team may put in five (5) new players or may put in a player who has already been replaced once). Players may be replaced with players indicated in the provisional list only.

Player replacements during the Super Globe after submitting the definitive list due to positive COVID-19 cases will not be deducted from the total of five replacements each team is entitled to. This is only valid for replacements within 48 hours after the infection of the player concerned has become known.