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The first participation of the United Stated of America team at the IHF Women's Junior World Championship dates back to 1979, when they finished 12th. Two years later, they also played in the tournament, but then the North Americans had to wait for another participation for 41 years. 

At Slovenia 2022, they lost six straight games before finally beating Mexico and finished 31st of 32 teams. Two years later, the USA are back at this level, and this time they will try to rank higher.

The team booked their ticket to the World Championship last December at the 2023 Women's IHF Trophy North America and the Caribbean. The USA finished second behind Mexico, but it was enough to secure their spot at North Macedonia 2024.

A number of players from the current squad took part in the previous World Championship in 2022 – in particular, goalkeepers Lani Gronwald and Julia Malysz, left back Daisy Lisea, centre back Emma Ready, wings Eden Nesper and Viva Kreis. Now they are more experienced than two years ago, which should help the USA get some positive results.

Although they are seen as underdogs in Group H, the North Americans will try to snatch some points from the rivals and demonstrate that handball in the USA is on the rise. 

Key players: Lani Gronwald (goalkeeper), Daisy Licea (left back), Eden Nesper (right wing)

Qualification: 2023 IHF Trophy North America and the Caribbean – 2nd place

History in the competition: 1979: 12th, 1981: 11th, 2022: 31st

Group at North Macedonia 2024: Group H (Angola, North Macedonia, Iceland, United States of America)