Angola keep main round hopes alive with big win over the USA

21 Jun. 2024

Angola keep main round hopes alive with big win over the USA

After losing to Iceland in their opening match at North Macedonia 2024, 19:24, Angola claimed their first win in the tournament, against the United States of America, 24:8, and are still in fight for a main round berth. 

United States of America vs Angola 8:24 (2:12)

The 2023 CAHB African Women’s Junior Championship winners Angola were favoured to win this match, and it was not surprising that they took an early control of the game. The African side's defence worked well, and although their shooting efficiency was far from perfect (50% in the entire game), Angola opened up a 6:0 lead before Eden Nesper finally scored the United States of America’s first goal in the 17th minute.

Just 36 seconds later, Maya Ready also netted for the North Americans, but it was their last goal before the break. Propelled by their leader Bernadeth Belo, who scored six goals in the first half, Angola used a 5:0 run to extend the gap to 10 goals at the interval, 12:2. 

In the second half, the United States of America continued to struggle against Angola’s physical defence, and although they somewhat improved their attacking efficiency, the Africans continued to entirely dominate on the court. They led 21:5 in the 45th minute and ultimately cruised to a 16-goal victory, 24:8.

Left back Belo had converted just one of her 12 shots in the opening match against Iceland, but two days later, she was unstoppable, finishing the game with 11 goals, on her way to the Alkaloid Player of the Match award. On the other hand, her teammate Jorsela Tumba had boasted the same tally against Iceland, but now the centre back failed to score even once, missing all four shots. And Angola’s goalkeeper Carla Mulamba should be credited for a 65% save rate. 

Following this win, the African side have two points - just as many as North Macedonia and Iceland - who are scheduled to meet later today. The United States of America have no points, but they hope to get some positive results in the next games, facing Iceland in their last match of the preliminary round. 

Alkaloid Player of the Match: Bernadeth Belo (Angola)