Slovenia 2022: Squad changes

01 Jul. 2022

Slovenia 2022: Squad changes

All late registrations and player replacements for Slovenia 2022 will appear here. This article will be updated throughout the championship.

For provisional (pre-tournament) 35-name squad lists check the 'Teams' section of the Slovenia 2022 mini-site.

*Information correct as of Friday 1 July 2022*

Friday 1 July

Slovenia (SLO): #1 Saša POSEGA (goalkeeper) IN, #17 Ana TAENG ON ČOKELC (left wing) OUT

Thursday 30 June

Slovenia (SLO): #19 Lana ARTELJ (right back) IN, #1 Saša POSEGA (goalkeeper) OUT

Switzerland (SUI): #25 Leonie AELLEN (line player) IN, #10 Malin ALTHERR (right back) OUT 

Switzerland (SUI): #35 Louise TRUCHOT (right wing) IN ,#20 Sev ALBRECHT (right wing) OUT

Tuesday 28 June

Slovenia (SLO): #15 Nika HILJ (right wing) IN, #19 Lana ARTELJ (right back) OUT

Switzerland (SUI): #5 Kim ERNI (left back) IN, #15 Norma GOLDMANN (left back) OUT

Switzerland (SUI): #8 Alena BIERI (line player) IN, #22 Sara ZAETTA (line player) OUT

Switzerland (SUI): #12 Aline STREBEL (goalkeeper) IN, #1 Soraya SCHALLER (goalkeeper) OUT

Monday 27 June

Hungary (HUN): #8 Maja MÉRAI (left wing) IN, #77 Lilla CSÁKI (right wing) OUT

Slovenia (SLO): #11 Tinkara KOGOVŠEK (left wing) IN, #15 Nika HILJ (right wing) OUT

Sunday 26 June

Czech Republic (CZE): #19 Pavlína LÁSKIVÁ (line player) IN, #30 Štěpánka HEJLOVÁ (line player) OUT

Sweden (SWE): #1 Tyra SCHJÖTT (goalkeeper) IN, #21 Anna MOSSBERG (goalkeeper) OUT

Saturday 25 June

Slovenia (SLO): #8 Tia TOMC (left back) IN, #11 Tinkara KOGOVŠEK (left wing) OUT

Thursday 23 June

Guinea (GUI): #17 Aissatou Ditinn BARRY (left wing) IN, #2 Bintou OULARE (centre back) OUT

Player replacement criteria

Each team may replace up to five (5) players at any time (e.g., each team may put in five (5) new players or may put in a player who has already been replaced once). Players may be replaced with players indicated in the provisional list only.

Player replacements during the World Championship after submitting the definitive list due to positive COVID-19 cases will not be deducted from the total of five replacements each team is entitled to. This is only valid for replacements within 48 hours after the infection of the player concerned has become known.

*Information correct as of Sunday 26 June 2022*

Sunday 26 June

Germany (GER): #18 Anika HAMPEL (centre back)

Thursday 23 June

Sweden (SWE): #12 Agnes ÅSESKOG (goalkeeper)

Late registration criteria

If a team has registered less than the number of players allowed in the definitive list, it may register one (1) additional player from the provisional list during the competition. The late registration should be done on the respective match day at the latest.