Scandinavian and South American derbies highlight action-packed Sunday at Slovenia 2022

26 Jun. 2022

Scandinavian and South American derbies highlight action-packed Sunday at Slovenia 2022

Live blog: The action at the 23rd edition of the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship is in full swing and we are now ready for Day 5, which marks the start of both the main round and the President’s Cup of the competition, after the conclusion of the preliminary round.

The top two teams in each group progressed to the main round, while the third and fourth-placed sides continue their journey at Slovenia 2022 in the President’s Cup.

After day one, Sweden and the Netherlands are already the two quarter-finalists in Group I. Norway and Montenegro won Group II. Everything is so close together that it will come to a showdown on Tuesday. 

In the President's Cup, India made history with their first victory at the World Championships. While Brazil narrowly beat Argentina in the South American duel. Slovakia and the Republic of Korea won the other two matches. 


Today’s matches: 

  • 14:30 CEST Argentina vs Brazil (26:27) / Slovakia vs Guinea (31:23)
  • 16:30 CEST Republic of Korea vs Italy (35:28) / Islamic Republic of Iran vs India (30:31)
  • 18:30 CEST Netherlands vs Tunisia (41:25) / Denmark vs Norway (32:35)
  • 20:30 CEST Sweden vs Japan (40:21) / France vs Montenegro (24:25)


22:02 CEST Full-time: Sweden vs Japan 40:21 (22:11)

It was a bitter defeat for Japan. Not only because of the big goal difference but also because their top scorer of the tournament so far, Kita Kotomi, was carried off injured. Nevertheless, they remain ahead of Tunisia in the standings, who also brought home 0 points from the preliminary round and lost their first match because they conceded one goal less. The showdown with Tunisia will take place on Tuesday. Japan will then be looking to redeem themselves and put themselves in a better position for the play-offs.

Sweden can recover a little. They are safely qualified for the quarter-finals. On Tuesday, the duel against Holland will be about defending their lead in the standings and securing a better starting position for the quarter-finals.  

Main round Group I standings: 1. Sweden 4p (2g, goal difference +26), 2. Netherlands 4p (2g, goal difference +19), 3. Japan 0p (2g, goal difference -22), 4. Tunisia 0p (2g, goal difference -23)


21:56 CEST Full-time: France vs Montenegro 24:25 (11:12)

This was definitely a stand-out match at the 23rd edition of the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship with a gritty Montenegro team fighting until the last drop of energy to try and extend their life in the competition. And they did just that, in what turned out to be an amazing game, with Montenegro’s players cannot believing their eyes what happened on the court. The all-in tactics used by coach Igor Markovic worked like a charm, France failed to respond properly to the challenge and, eventually, Montenegro clinched a 25:24 win, after France’s last attack turned out to be a turnover after a bad pass from centre back Lena Grandveau.

Not to take back from Montenegro’s achievement, which is huge, but France’s coach Eric Baradat must learn a thing or two after this loss. His team failed to adapt, he took his only timeout with 25 seconds to go in the match and, eventually, the 4-2 Montenegrin defence that was used throughout the second half turned out to be the winning move by coach Igor Markovic. It was a totally deserved win by Montenegro, as France came unprepared into the game and could not believe for a moment what was happening on the court.

It is a win that truly complicates the maths in Group II. Norway are now the leaders, with Denmark and Montenegro tied at two points, while France’s defeat means that they are last in the group. A win against Denmark would see them through, but they will also need help from Norway, who must win against Montenegro. On the other hand, Igor Markovic’s side has the destiny in their own hands.

Main Round Group II standings: 1. Norway 3p (2g, goal difference +3), 2. Denmark 2p (2g, goal difference +1), 3. Montenegro 2p (2g, goal difference -3), 4. France 1p (2g, goal difference -1)


22:38 CEST Sweden continue to dominate

After 45 minutes, Sweden have cracked the 30-goal mark. They continue to take their chances and score 75% of the time. But Japan have also become more efficient and now manage to put almost every second ball into the Swedish goal. They seem to be better able to cope with the loss of their top scorer and continue to fight bravely to catch up. But Sweden makes it difficult for them, every time Japan can score, Sweden counterattacks again. 


Sweden vs Japan


22:36 CEST France take lead but waste it easily

Failing to score for more than six or seven minutes against this France team will definitely hurt. This is exactly what Montenegro did, as France’s defence has been getting better and better, after a half-time talk that took place on the court, with “Les Bleuettes” sitting in their corner and listening to what coach Eric Baradat had to tell them. The plan worked out to perfection, irrespective of what Montenegro tried to do in attack. France scored easy goals, including an open goal shot from Lena Grandveau – her second in the game – while Montenegro’s first goal came after seven minutes and 18 seconds in the second half.

By that time, France had already jumped to a 4:0 unanswered run, turning the game on its head, and creating a 15:12 lead. It looked like Montenegro were down and dusted, but left back Gordana Marsenic, Montenegro’s captain, took the game on her own, improved her tally to six goals and tied the game, 16:16, with 16 minutes to go.


21:08 CEST Half-time: Sweden Japan 22:11

Japan suffered another setback in the 20th minute. Their top scorer Kita Kotomi (22 goals in the entire tournament so far) twisted her ankle without help and was laid up. She was taken off the pitch on a stretcher. This has severely weakened Japan's offensive. 

The team seemed inhibited by the shock and continued to lose ground to Sweden. They increased their lead to x goals and, barring a complete collapse in performance in the second half, will join the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. 


21:04 CEST Half-time: France vs Montenegro 11:12

Whatever Montenegro have been doing in the last minutes of this half, it is definitely working. Taking out Lena Grandveau with a man-mark worked wonders and now Montenegro are also applying that tactic with Lucie Modenel, another of France’s backs. And France needed serious time to adapt, as they failed to score a goal between the 11th and 21st minutes of the game, with Montenegro taking a 5:0 run home, spurred by their top scorer in this competition, Nadja Kadovic, who scored five goals, improving her overall tally to 26 goals at Slovenia 2022, which places her fifth in the top goal scorer standings.

In fact, coach Igor Markovic has been throwing everything at this game, including using the seven-on-six option in attack for most of the last 15 minutes of the first half. It is dangerous, it is definitely a risk involved, but Montenegro have been managing to stay alive. Whether it will work in the long term, there is still to be seen, but at the break, Montenegro are up ahead 12:11, after Kadovic scored the last goal at the buzzer.


20:48 CEST Sweden start the game superbly

After 4 minutes, Sweden were already 4:0 ahead. Japan's coach Shota Arai reacted immediately with an early timeout. This helped and his players were able to score their first goal. 

But Sweden continued to set the tone, scoring goal after goal and leading 12-5 after 15 minutes. 83% of Sweden's goals against 38% of Japan's goals say a lot. Tyra Axnér stands out for the Scandinavians with 5 goals so far. 


20:47 CEST France erase slow start to take the lead against Montenegro

France have made some changes in their roster for this game and it was only logical for some players to be handed a rest, after yesterday’s game against Norway. It might be a cause of why their start was hit-and-miss in the first minutes, with their usual attacking efficiency dropping from the previous games. Montenegro have also taken the option to man-mark France’s centre back Lena Grandveau, but their opponents found new ways of scoring.

France used a 3:0 unanswered run to open up a three-goal gap, but Montenegro quickly bounced back to make it a one-goal game, 7:6, after 14 minutes in the game. Yet France still looked better and have made it easier to score than their opponents.


20:20 CEST Win or fail to qualify for Montenegro

The final game of the day in the Golovec Arena will be the one between France and Montenegro. The match is paramount for both teams, as their future relies on the next 60 minutes of handball, with France making a big step towards the quarter-finals with a win, while Montenegro are eliminated if they fail to win, as Denmark and France collide in the final match of the main round.

France are definitely favoured, as their draw against Norway, 34:34, did little to impact their chances of progression to the next round. Two wins against Montenegro and Denmark are required from them and if they play like they did in the preliminary round, they should go through. Expect another good match from centre back Lena Grandveau, line player Sarah Bouktit and left wing Kiara Tshimanga, who have all shone in this tournament.


19:58 CEST Full-time: Netherlands vs Tunisia 41:25 (20:11)

In the end, it was a resounding victory for  Netherlands. 73% goal-scoring efficiency, 11 fastbreak goals, Roos Daleman sinking 9 out of 10 attempts, Kim Moolenaar taking over the top spot in the scorer's rankings with seven goals - the ingredients for the victory are manifold. 

If Sweden beat Japan in the 18:30 game, then Netherlands have already qualified for the quarter-finals and can look forward calmly to the Scandinavian showdown on Tuesday. 

Tunisia, on the other hand, will have to come to terms with the defeat quickly and mentally prepare for the match against Japan. After all, they can achieve their all-time best result at a World Cup, but they have to do better than 14 to do so. 

Main round Group I standings: 1. Netherlands 4p (2g, goal difference +19), 2. Sweden 2p (1g, goal difference +13), 3. Japan 0p (1g, goal difference -3), 4. Tunisia 0p (2g, goal difference -23)


19:55 CEST Full-time: Denmark vs Norway 32:35 (16:18)

Norway definitely need to thank themselves for that strong 8:0 start, that prevented Denmark from scoring for the first 11 minutes, for this crucial win in the Golovec Arena in Celje. From that moment on, Denmark looked fresher and found the proper solutions to score in attack, while their goalkeepers got better and better in defence. Still, to cut back an eight-goal gap is no easy thing, especially in a game against Norway. Therefore, even a worn-out Norway team still managed to take advantage and clinch the win, 35:32.

It was a testament to their superb efficiency by using the line player throughout the game, as Kaja Rohne (11 goals) and Kaja Loken (two goals) scored 13 goals between them. Yet this is the second time that Norway threw away a big lead, after yesterday’s game against France, so there will be questions asked for the next matches. A question mark definitely hangs over their defence, which conceded 66 goals in the last two games against France and Denmark. However, Denmark never managed to claw back in the match and tie the score, therefore Norway at least did protect that lead in key moments.Norway have a rest day now before their final match in the main round against Montenegro, which if they win, they will progress to the next phase, irrespective of what Denmark and France do in the other game of the main round on Tuesday.

Main round Group II standings: 1. Norway 3p (2g, goal difference +3), 2. Denmark 2p (2g, goal difference+1), 3. France 1p (1g, goal difference 0), 4. Montenegro 0p (1g, goal difference -4)


19:37 CEST Netherlands leave Tunisia no chance

After three-quarters of the game are over, you can be sure that Netherlands will win the game. By now they are leading by 11 goals. 

Meanwhile, left back Kim Molenaar was successful seven times. This not only makes her the best scorer of the match but also takes over the top spot in the top scorer ranking ahead of India's Bhawarna Scharna. On the Tunisia side, Salma Ben Hassine has impressed with 5 goals so far. 


Norway vs Denmark


19:36 CEST Denmark still try to mount a comeback 

The rhythm of this game is just amazing, exactly the one you would expect when two Scandinavian teams play against each other. While Norway rely heavily on the use of their line player – Kaja Rohne is by far their top scorer, with 10 goals – Denmark are definitely trying to expose Norway’s defence both via their backs, who are attempting breakthroughs in each attack but also focusing more and more on the wings. For the first part of the second half, they managed to stay close to Norway, hovering over the two-goal gap, but their opponents claimed back what they lost and created a new five-goal lead, 27:22, with 20 minutes to go.

Norway were in this position against France in yesterday’s match, so we will find out if they learnt a thing or two about how to protect the lead. But they still look like a very strong team, with many options on the bench. In this game, their goalkeepers have not been on par with the level of the team, saving only 21.5% of the shots they faced. If they correct that part, it will be difficult to lose this match, which they are leading, 28:24, with 17 minutes to go.


19:05 CEST Halbzeit: Niederlande vs Tunesien 20:11

The Netherlands' goal-scoring efficiency has dropped to 84%, but their lead has grown to 9 goals. They have thus taken another step towards the quarter-finals.

Tunisia's Dorra Chandarli needed treatment after a foul. Right wing Amber Verbraeken conceded the red card in the 21st minute, but this does not seem to weaken Netherlands any further. Tunisia improved their scoring rate, but will likely suffer their second defeat of the tournament again against a European team. 


19:04 CEST Half-time: Denmark vs Norway 16:18

Denmark needed another timeout to wake up their players and that might just have worked. As Norway handed some rest to their players who started the match, Denmark slowly clawed back and started to cut the gap, first to five goals, 13:8, in the 23rd minute and then to three goals, 15:12, with five minutes to go in the first half. It was both thanks to an uptick in their attacking prowess, with backs Maria Wierzba and Thea Rasmussen combining for seven goals, but also due to goalkeeper Martine Romer, who replaced Anne Bossen. Romer finished the first half with a 26% efficiency, just enough to weather the storm, with Norway scoring only seven goals in the last 15 minutes of the first half.

Norway are still leading at the break, 18:16, but it is a way friendlier score line for Denmark rather than at the start of the match when they were down by no less than eight goals. What is sure is that the second half will definitely be an interesting battle between the two Scandinavian sides, with a spot in the quarter-finals at stake. Remember, if Denmark win today, they Norway are virtually out of contention if France beat Montenegro later tonight in the Golovec Arena in Celje.


18:46 CEST Perfect all shot efficiency for Netherlands

14 shots on goal - 14 hits. That's the balance for the Netherlands so far. Roos Daleman is the top scorer with 5 goals so far. Thanks to the outstanding offensive, but also the goalkeeper, Bianca Schansseman, the Netherlands lead 14:6 after a quarter of an hour. Among other things, the goalkeeper saved a penalty. 

Tunisia do not sell themselves badly but do not have many chances against the Dutch power. In addition, their goal-scoring efficiency is below 40%, so it will be hard to beat the Europeans. 


18:39 CEST One-way traffic from Norway

The previous question was answered already in the first minutes of the game between Norway and Denmark, when Norway jumped to an early 7:0 lead, after what proved to be a nearly flawless game for Tore Johanessen’s side. Denmark were totally outplayed, especially in defence, where Norway first started to use their line player, Kaja Rohne, who scored the first two goals, and then switch to their swarming back line, with Martine Andersen, Maja Saeteren and Frida Andersen, who ran riot in Denmark’s defence.

A timeout to weather the storm from Denmark backfired spectacularly, as they produced a turnover in the first attack, while their defence was not that much improved. Denmark scored their first goal after 11 minutes and two seconds, as the Scandinavian team was left shellshocked by Norway’s otherworldly start. It will be very difficult for Denmark to come back from this rut, but Norway have already wasted a five-goal lead against France yesterday. After 13 minutes, Denmark are down 8:2 and they will need a miracle to come back.


18:20 CEST Norway and Denmark clash with quarter-finals spot in sight

We had the Asian derby in the President’s Cup, now it is time for the Scandinavian derby in the Golovec Arena in Celje, between Denmark and Norway. This game is paramount to Norway’s future in the competition, who have one point after yesterday’s draw with France in the preliminary round, so will need a win against their big rivals.

On the other hand, a win for Denmark will virtually see them through to the next phase of the competition. They have not impressed thoroughly throughout the competition, but still hold the upper hand and all the cards are in their hands. Will their easier schedule translate into freshness on the court today? Just a few moments and we will see.


17:57 CEST Full-time: Republic of Korea vs Italy 35:28 (16:17)

For a long time, it looked like Italy had a fair chance to take some points from this game, as they led at the break and continued to show their fighting spirit well into the second half. Yet the Republic of Korea had more power left in the last 15 minutes, so they ultimately clinched a seven-goal victory. The trio of Yengsong Lee, Eunhye Ji and Hanju Lee had the biggest impact in attack, combining for 26 of Korea's 35 goals.

With four points, the Republic of Korea are top of the President's Cup Group II, and after a rest day, they will meet Argentina on Tuesday. In turn, Italy, who play at this level for the first time since 1983, still have zero points, but will try to grab some against Brazil.


17:56 CEST Full-time: Islamic Republic of Iran vs India 30:31 (16:14)

We have just witnessed a historic moment in the Golovec Arena in Celje, as India recorded their first-ever win at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, 31:30, against the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is just a testament to how hard they wanted this win and how motivated they were, coming after a 47-goal loss from yesterday against Slovakia and mounting a superb comeback after they were five goals down against Iran.

India were superb in the second half and they owe it to the MVP of the game, Bhawana, who scored 10 goals and is now the top goal scorer of the competition, with 31 goals in four games. Priyanka Thakur, their right wing, has also scored eight goals and the joy is immense for India, who have been celebrating extensively their first-ever win in the competition.

Unfortunately for the Islamic Republic of Iran, they did not translate their win from the AHF Women’s Junior World Championship in March, and now will face Slovakia in the next game. India’s win also means that Slovakia have won this group and will play for the 17-20 places next week.


17:40 CEST Still close fight at Zlatorog arena

Midway through the second half, the outcome of this duel is still hard to predict. Republic of Korea slightly improved after the break and lead 25:24, with their players Yeonsong Lee and Eunhye Ji combining for 16 goals. However, Italy is fighting very hard, so their first win in the current tournament does not seem unlikely.


Italy vs Korea


16:39 CEST Will India win their first match ever in the competition?

With a strong comeback fueled by a superb performance from back Bhawana, who scored nine goals until this point, India are back in with a chance in this game. They had a 5:1 run in which the Islamic Republic of Iran failed to make a breakthrough in the India’s defence, with goalkeeper Chetna Devi saving five shots, to improve her tally to 12 shots saved.

Bhawana Sharna has now tied Kristina Dramac as the top goal scorer in the 23rd IHF Women’s World Championship, with 30 goals, as her amazing tournament continues. With 15 minutes left in the game, the score is tied, 23:23, and anything can happen. Will India win their first-ever match in the competition?


17:10 Half-time: Republic of Korea vs Italy 16:17

The Republic of Korea earned nine medals at the IHF Women's Junior World Championship in the past, but now they failed to reach the main round. And the Asians struggled in the first half of the President's Cup game against Italy, who received a Wild Card from the IHF to participate in the tournament for the first time in 39 years.

Italy's goalkeeper Sara Di Giugno not only made some good saves but also scored two goals in a row from her own half, giving her team a 10:9 lead in minute 20. Korea have a 67% shot efficiency, while Italy have only 53%, but the European team are still in front, so the Koreans will need to adjust their game in the second half.


17:06 CEST Half-time: Islamic Republic of Iran vs India 16:14 

A 5:1 run between the 15th and the 21st minute was decisive for the Islamic Republic of Iran in creating an important gap with India’s attack crumbling and making mistake after mistake. It helped Iran to jump to a 13:9 lead, as they looked to be in control of the game, until India cut the gap to two goals at the break, 16:14.

Surprisingly, they limited the number of turnovers – five – half of India’s number in the first half, while their goalkeeper, Elnaz Yarmohammadtouski, saved ten shots, for an outstanding 44% efficiency. Let’s see what the second half brings, but one thing is sure: these two teams are giving it their maximum here in the Golovec Arena in Celje.


16:48 CEST The Republic of Korea struggle against Italy

The Republic of Korea have a higher shot efficiency, 64%, compared to Italy's 44%. However, these statistics do not translate into their lead, as the Italians are determined to claim their first points in the competition. At 6:6 in the 13th minute, Korea took their first timeout, but two minutes later, they are still tied at 7:7.


16:47 CEST Deadlock not broken in Asian derby

These two teams are just enjoying handball and are definitely providing an entertaining match so far, with 13 goals scored in the first 15 minutes. It was India who always had the upper hand throughout the start, but they never managed to open a gap higher than one goal, so the Islamic Republic of Iran always bounced back.

These two teams have also met in March in the AHF Asian Women’s Junior Championship, with Iran taking a 41:37 win. I do not think we will see the same amount of goals this time around, but this game is likely to yield some goals. We are midway through the first half and India leads by one goal, 7:6.


16:00 CEST Full-time: Argentina vs Brazil 26:27 (17:14)

The South American derby lived up to expectations, as it was a hard-fought and entertaining match for 60 minutes. Both rivals had their ups and downs, and while Argentina deservedly led by three goals at half-time, Brazil improved their game after the restart.

Two minutes before the final whistle, the rivals were tired at 26:26 before Micaela Da Silva scored her sixth goal in the match to secure her team a victory. While Argentina's Berenice Frelier became the top scorer of the match with 12 goals, Brazil's goals were distributed more evenly – and good teamwork helped them to beat their continental rivals.

Both Argentina and Brazil now have two points, as many as the Republic of Korea, bronze medalists of the previous edition of the championship in 2018, who now failed to qualified for the main round and will open the President's Cup with a match against Italy at 16:30.


15:58 CEST Full-time Slovakia vs Guinea 31:23

Only one player from the 14 on the score sheet failed to register at least one goal in this game, as Slovakia really changed their players throughout the game to give all a chance to feature in this match. It did not hamper the result at all, rather the players were all motivated to give their best, as the European side-eyes one of the 17-20 places in the final standings.

On the other hand, Guinea learnt another important lesson in their maiden edition of the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship. What hurt them the most was the 17-minute scoreless stint in the first half, while the 44% efficiency in attack should surely improve if they are to challenge for a better future.

Slovakia have now taken a firm lead over the group, with four points, as the Islamic Republic of Iran and Guinea are tied at one point, while India are in the last place, with zero points. A win for India in the next game, against Iran, would see Slovakia win the group, as it would be mathematically impossible for them to lose the spot.





15:39 CEST Slovakia firmly in control with 16 minutes to go

There is nothing much changing in this game, other than Slovakia increasing the gap, which is now proving almost impossible to cut. With an 8:3 run to start the half, and Olivia Scipova and Viktoria Gyoriova combining for nine goals throughout the game, Slovakia increased their lead to 11 goals, 23:12, with 16 minutes still left in the second half.

Guinea are doing their best to try to limit the damage, as right wing Yarie Sylla scored five goals, but goalkeeper Viktoria Voržáčková is still doing superbly for Slovakia, now saving 19 shots, as her efficiency has stabilised to 63.3%. This is Slovakia’s game and there is nothing Guinea can do to change it.


15:35 CEST Brazil hit back after break

After the break, Brazil's 5-1 defence is working better, which allowed them to draw level and then pull in front at 23:21 by the 45th minute. Argentina continue to heavily rely on Berenice Frelier's skills, and she has already scored 12 goals from 12 attempts. But Brazil look better as a team in the second half, so it is still anyone's match.


Brazil vs Argentins


15:05 CEST Half-time: Slovakia vs Guinea 13:8 

Guinea took a 3:2 lead early in the game, but when Slovakia did turn up in defence, it was game over for the African side. 17 minutes and 27 seconds were elapsed between the third and the fourth goal scored by the African side, with Slovakia’s goalkeeper Viktoria Voržáčková shining with a 63% saving efficiency, as she stopped 12 shots from the 19 she faced.

The gap, 13:8 might not be that big on paper, but it surely is on the court, as exactly what was predicted in the earlier post – Slovakia improving their efficiency in attack – opening an unassailable gap. The European side is set to clinch the second win on the trot, as they are big favourites to win this group and challenge for the positions between 17 and 20 in the final standings.


15:04 CEST Half-time: Argentina vs Brazil 17:14

Brazil had good spells and managed to draw level a few times, yet Argentina were dominant most of the time. Berenice Frelier did an excellent job in attack, as she scored nine goals, which is more than a half of her team's tally. Overall, Argentina boasted a 77% shot efficiency, while Brazil had 59%. Argentina, who started the President's Cup with two points, are looking for their second win in the current tournament, but Brazil should not be written off, as this match is still open.


14:48 CEST Argentina in front by a small margin

This is a tight match in which both sides are playing with a lot of passion and commitment. Argentina started the game better, but soon Brazil found their rhythm to draw level at 5:5. The Argentines weathered the storm and had a 3:0 run, but Brazil closed the gap again. 15 minutes into the match, Argentina lead 8:7. Their player Berenice Frelier is on fire, as she already scored six goals.


14:47: CEST Guinea enjoy good start, but suffer serious drought

After putting 59 goals past India yesterday, Slovakia failed to get going in this match against Guinea, as they only scored six goals in the first 17 minutes, with their efficiency plummeting to 35% after a slew of missed shots from all the positions on the court. Guinea’s goalkeeper, Anne Cecile Tubanza, had a superb tournament at Slovenia 2022 and her stats are impressive today, saving seven shots for a 53% saving efficiency.

Slovakia still lead 7:3 and they look like certain favourites to win this game, especially as their attack should improve in the next minutes. In fact, as we write this, the European side is on a 5:0 unanswered run, with Guinea failing to score for more than 12 minutes.


14:25 CEST South American clash coming soon 

In five minutes, President's Cup Group II will open with an exciting South American derby at Zlatorog Arena. Just three months ago, Argentina narrowly beat Brazil 24:22 in the 2022 South and Central American Women's Junior Championship in Buenos Aires, ultimately lifting the trophy. And now, the Argentines are again seen as favourites. In the previous competition stage, they finished third in Group C and start the President's Cup with two points, while Brazil, who lost all three games in Group D, are looking for their first points at Slovenia 2022.


14:20 CEST Slovakia face Guinea eying their second win in a row

The first match of the four-game card in the Golovec Arena in Celje today features Slovakia and Guinea. The African side is still searching for their first-ever win at the IHF Women’s Junior World Championship, after making their debut on Wednesday, in a 19:19 draw against the Islamic Republic of Iran. On the other hand, Slovakia pay for their loss against Japan in the first round, as their draw against the Netherlands (27:27) and subsequent win against India (59:12), the biggest at Slovenia 2022 after 48 matches, were not enough to help them progress to the main round.

The European side will be favoured, as they eye winning the Group I of the President’s Cup and continue to challenge for the 17th place. They still miss some key players, like back Barbora Lancz, therefore they should be pretty happy with how the tournament unfolded for them, with an inexperienced team even at this level.

You can follow the action via live stream or tv.


13:30 CEST Numbers, numbers and more numbers

The top goal scorer standing was also shaken up after the last matches in the preliminary round, but Austria’s Kristina Dramac still leads with 30 goals, three more than Czech Republic’s Charlotte Cholevova. Dutch back Kim Molenaar is third, with 25 goals, followed by India’s Bhawana, with 24 goals. Interestingly enough, all the top four scorers are backs.

In the top goalkeeper standings, Slovenia’s Dijana Djajic is leading with a 60% efficiency, but she only saved six shots. More impressive is, however, the second-placed Alexandra Humpert, who shone between Germany’s goalposts, saving 30 shots for an efficiency of 50.8%. France’s Jemima Kabeya (46.5%) and Poland’s Alexandra Hypka (44.1%) are also worth mentioning.

In terms of goals scored, Hungary are the top side at Slovenia 2022, with 115 goals, followed by Germany (109 goals) and Sweden (108 goals). The reigning champions also conceded the lowest amount of goals, 41, followed by Sweden (51 goals) and Germany (53 goals).


12:15 CEST What’s to watch in the President’s Cup?

Until the start of the main round, we have four interesting games in the President’s Cup, both taking place in Celje, two each in the Golovec and Zlatorog Arenas. First up, Slovakia want to extend their winning streak against Guinea, while Argentina and Brazil promise a fiery clash, which is surely worth watching. The two South American sides also clashed in the South and Central American Women’s Junior Championship, when Argentina took the title by beating Brazil, 24:22, in March.

Rookies India and Islamic Republic of Iran clash in Group I, while Italy face a different challenge when taking up the Republic of Korea, after the Asian side failed to make the top 10 for the first time in history in the competition.





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11:30 CEST Main round and President’s Cup throw off

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