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Saudi Arabia's debut at the IHF Men's Junior World Championship dates back to 1979, when the Asian team finished 22nd of 23 participants at the second edition of the event in Denmark/Sweden.

However, since then they have only participated in the competition twice. At Turkey 1997, the Saudi Arabians enjoyed their best-ever performance, taking the 11th position, and at Algeria 2017, they finished 20th.

After missing the next edition of the tournament in 2019, Saudi Arabia qualified for Germany/Greece 2023 by taking the fourth place at the 2022 Asian Men's Junior Championship, which was held in Bahrain last July.

They finished second in their Group A and despite of loosing both, the semi-final, 26:31 against Bahrain, and the third-place match, 21:27 against Kuwait, they secured their spot at the 2023 IHF Men's Junior World Championship.

At the upcoming event in Germany and Greece, Saudi Arabia, whose entire squad plays at domestic clubs, hope to progress to the main round. The Asians face strong competition in Group H, where they are set to meet home side Greece, Egypt and Cuba in Athens. Yet, they are determined to do their best. 

Key players: Jehad Abualwah (goalkeeper), Hussain Furaij (right wing), Ahmed Alabdullah (left back)

Qualification for Germany/Greece 2023: 2022 Asian Junior Championship – 4th place

History in tournament: 1979: 22nd, 1997: 11th, 2017: 20th

Group at Germany/Greece 2023: Group H (Egypt, Greece, Cuba, Saudi Arabia)