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Date: 9/13/2013

22 Asian youth teams played their qualification in Nanjing, China, and two of them will return to Nanjing in approximately one year: The girls from Korea and the boys from Qatar won the handball tournaments at the Asian Youth Games, which were held in exactly the same venues, where the handball tournament of the Youth Olympic Games will take place in August 2014.
16 male and six female teams took part in this large tournament, which was played for ten days in Nanjing.
The girls tournament was played in a round robin system in one group – and Korea was purely dominant, winning all their five matches by at least (!) 20 goals difference. Second ranked were Kazakhstan (8 points) ahead of China (6), Thailand (4), Vietnam (2) and Mongolia (0).
The boys tournament was opened by four groups of four teams each, followed by a main round, placement matches, semi-finals and finals. Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Korea and Bahrain made it to the round of the last four teams – and the Qatari team (after a 30:25 against the Saudis in the semi) and Korea (36:32 against Bahrain) faced in the final. There, Qatar turned a 10:14 backlog at the break to a finally clear 28:21 against the Koreans. Bahrain took the bronze medal after a highly thrilling 22:21 over Saudi-Arabia in the bronze final.
Final ranking: Gold: Qatar, Silver: Korea, Bronze: Bahrain
4. Saudi-Arabia, 5. Kuwait, 6. Iraq, 7. Iran, 8. Syria, 9. Chinese Taipei, 10. China, 11. Kazakhstan, 12. Pakistan, 13. Thailand, 14. Hong Kong, 15. Vietnam, 16. Mongolia
The Youth Olympic Games will take place in Nanjing, China, from 16 to 28 August 2014.