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Date: 6/10/2013

The Brazilian women are a class of their own in Pan-America: The team of Danish-born coach Morten Soubak defended their title at the Pan-American Championship in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and it was highly deserved. After they had won all their preliminary round matches, they first overran Paraguay in the semi-final, then they clashed Argentina in the most one-sided final in the history of this competition.
Brazil took the title for the eighth time (1997, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011 and 2013), while additionally Argentina, Paraguay and host Dominican Republic booked their tickets for the Women’s World Championship in Serbia (7 – 22 December 2013).
Brazil and Argentina had no problems in reaching the final: The defending champions beat Paraguay 43:17 in their semi, the “Gauchas” left Dominican Republic behind by 27:17. And the final was already decided at the break, when Brazil were leading 19:8, the final result was an outstanding 38:15. Current World Handball Player Alexandra do Nascimento became top scorer by nine goals, Fernanda Franca de Silva scored five times and became overall top scorer of the tournament by 55 goals. Additionally, do Nascimento was awarded Most Valuable Player.
Host Dominican Republic secured the bronze medal after a 28:19 victory against Paraguay in the bronze final, Uruguay and Venezuela won the remaining placement matches.
The draw for the Women’s World Championship will take place in Belgrade on Saturday at 11:30 local time.

Semi-finals: Brazil – Paraguay 43:17, Argentina – Dominican Republic 27:17
Bronze final: Dominican Republic – Paraguay 28:19, Final: Brazil – Argentina: 38:15
Placement Round: 9/10: Costa Rica – Canada 13:34
5-8: Mexico – Venezuela 32:25, Uruguay – USA 30:17, 7/8: Venezuela – USA 36:29, 5/6: Mexico – Uruguay 24:27

Final ranking:
Gold: Brazil, Silver: Argentina, Bronze: Dominican Republic
4. Paraguay, 5. Uruguay, 6. Mexico, 7. Venezuela, 8. USA, 9. Costa Rica, 10. Canada