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Date: 5/28/2013

Four European teams have already qualified for the Women’s World Championship in Serbia, eight more will follow. Those participants will be established in the EHF European play-off matches staged all over Europe on 1/2 and 8/9 June.
Host Serbia and defending World champions Norway had booked the first of all tickets, followed by 2012 European champions Montenegro and EHF EURO bronze medallists Hungary. The 16 teams competing on the coming weekends either participated in the EHF EURO 2012 or have pulled through pre-qualification tournaments to qualify for those play-offs.

Definitely one quarter-finalist of the 2012 Olympic Games will miss the World Championship in Serbia (7-22 December), as 2011 World Championship silver medallists France will face Croatia. 2011 World Championship bronze medallists Spain will meet FYR Macedonia, 2011 World Championship semi-finalists Denmark is the favourite against Turkey.

The aggregate winners of the play-off matches will qualify for the Serbia WCh. The draw for the World Championship preliminary round groups (played in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin) will take place in Belgrade on 15 June 2013.

The play-off-matches including place and date of first and second leg:

Turkey vs. Denmark
2 June, 19:00 hrs. local time in Cankaya, 8 June, 20:15 hrs. local time in Arhus

Iceland vs. Czech Republic
2 June,16:00 hrs. local time in Hlioarendi, 8 June, 18:00 hrs. local time in Most

FYR Macedonia vs. Spain
1 June, 20:15 hrs. local time in Skopje 7 June, 19:00 hrs. local time in Soria

Netherlands vs. Russia
2 June, 14:00 hrs. local time in Rotterdam, 9 June, 17:00 hrs. local time in Rostov-Don

Slovakia vs. Romania
1 June, 16:00 hrs. local time in Partizanske, 8 June, 18:00 hrs. local time in Oradea

Germany vs. Ukraine
2 June, 15:00 hrs. local time in Oldenburg, 9 June, 19:00 hrs. local time in Kiev

Sweden vs. Poland
2 June, 18:15 hrs. local time in Örebro, 8 June, 17:00 hrs. local time in Elblag

France vs. Croatia
1 June, 19:30 hrs. local time in Montbéliard, 9 June, 18:30 hrs. local time in Umag