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Activity Details

Date: 3/1/2018

The first week of March saw an exciting step toward future Olympic competitions as the first meetings were held between the International Handball Federation and the USA Olympic Committee. The first meeting with the US Olympic Committee was held in Colorado Springs, home to the USOC headquarters, where topics included the handball competitions at recent Olympic Games such as Rio de Janeiro and London, cooperation between the location Organising Committee and the IHF in planning for the Games, and preparatory events leading up to 2028. In addition, President Moustafa discussed the strategy for the promotion of non-traditional US sports at the Games and the global perspective from the 2024 Games in Paris up to LA 2028. The USOC and Dr Moustafa also used the opportunity to discuss their shared goals for the development of handball in the USA, up to 2028 and beyond, including individual focus on development projects, potential partnerships and communication strategies.