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Activity Details

Date: 1/24/2018

On 24 January 2018, Ms Wang Tao, Chinese Handball Association (CHA) President, and Mr Cheng Qiao, CHA Deputy Secretary General, met with IHF President Dr Moustafa, Mr Dietrich Späte, Chairman of the IHF Commission for Coaching and Methods, IHF Managing Director Mrs Amal Khalifa and IHF Competitions Director Mr Patric Strub. in Basle to discuss a variety of goals including the importance of continued participation at IHF Men’s and Women’s World Championships, Junior and Youth World Championships and Olympic Games high on the agenda. The main topic of the meeting was the preparation of the women’s national team for the Olympic Games Qualification Tournament and how to build up a long-term programme for the team including the best method of choosing players, physical training and matches. A type of coaching exchange was also agreed too, with a commitment to send coaches from China to Europe to participate in coaching courses, while foreign coaches should also be recruited across China for different provinces. The agreed goal for coaching across the Asian nation was to work on a modern playing philosophy, identifying new talents and general training concepts, with a focus on youth and junior training. Part of the coaching agreement was to promote the successful IHF ‘[email protected]’ programme in China in combination with forming an even stronger, competitive league across the country. In addition to these commitments, there was also an agreement made to incorporate the IHF ‘Former Players Project’ into the country, using former national team players and a focussed strategy towards Chinese national television broadcasting handball matches. Part of the TV coverage was also related to the discussions in the four-year programme of not only hosting IHF Men’s and Women’s Junior and Youth World Championships in China, but invitational tournaments featuring top European teams to demonstrate the sport and the possible future hosting of the IHF Women’s Super Globe.