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Activity Details

Date: 1/16/2018

Over two days (16-17 January), the [email protected] Working Group – consisting of Dr Ilona Hapkova (Chairwoman), Craig Rot (Member) and Dr Luisa Estriga (Member) – had many fruitful discussions with IHF President Dr Moustafa, IHF Managing Director Amal Khalifa and IHF Competitions Director Patric Strub. On the agenda for the working group were a wide variety of topics relating to the successful IHF development programme, including the ‘[email protected]’ ([email protected]) curriculum, the [email protected] certificates, updates to the documentation for both [email protected] age groups – Group 1 (5-11 years old) and 2 (12-17 years old) – as well as those for [email protected] Experts. The template for courses and both the theoretical and practical assessment for participants was also discussed in addition to the database of coaches with the IHF D Licence and a review of the work with national federations.