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Statutes and Regulations

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    Media Regulations

    Principles - Working with the media is one of the key tasks for the Organising Committee staging a major IHF event. The aim of liaising with the media is to: – publicise the event – provide the public with information about the event – ensure the smooth flow of information – make handball a more popular sport – follow up and support the IHF's strategy and objectives – present the aims of the event's host, in coordination with the IHF – provide a platform for patrons and sponsors ...


    Regulations on Advertising

    Advertising on sportswear - These regulations are a binding guideline for the appearance of sportswear worn by players and officials of all teams and by referees and IHF representatives within the sphere of the International Handball Federation...


    Regulations Concerning Penalties and Fines

    These regulations describe infractions of the IHF Statutes and Regulations and determine the sanctions incurred. These regulations apply to every match and competition organised and supervised by IHF. These regulations also apply if a match official is harmed and, more generally, if the statutory objectives of IHF are breached, especially with regard to forgery, corruption, betting and doping.


    Standing Orders for the Council and Commissions

    General - The binding principles for these Standing Orders are the Bylaws of the IHF, particularly articles 15 to 17. The Standing Orders stipulate the working methods of the Council – including the Executive Committee – and the Commissions...


    Standing Orders for the Head Office

    General - The work of the Head Office shall be carried out in accordance with the Bylaws (see article 19) and the Regulations, and in accordance with the resolutions of the Congress, the Council and the Executive Committee...


    Regulations for IHF Symposia

    The Commissions of the International Handball Federation are, individually or together with other commissions, organising symposiums, the content of which lies within their field of responsibility (see Bylaws, article 17).


    Regulations for Awards

    The IHF issues awards to organisations and individuals in recognition of their particular contribution to developing the sport of handball and the International Handball Federation.


    Financial Regulations

    Annual membership fee including fees for international matches - According to Article 18.1 of the IHF Statutes, all Member Federations must pay the annual fee fixed by the Congress, without being requested, latest by 31 March each year …


    Ethics Code

    The Ethics Commission is an independent adjudicating body of the IHF, established by the Congress in accordance with Article 21 of the Statutes and Article 6 of the Legal Provisions. The Member National Handball Federations and Continental Confederations shall adopt and implement a code of ethics based on the principles and rules of the Code or adopt the Code by reference (Article 7.3 of the Statutes).


    Regulations for Players’ Agents

    These regulations govern the occupation of players’ agents who introduce players to clubs with the objective of negotiating or renegotiating an employment contract or introduce two clubs to each other with the objective of concluding a transfer agreement within one National Federation or from one National Federation to another.

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