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Date: 2/26/2019

Six teams are set to contest the 2019 South and Central America Women’s Senior Clubs Championship from March 12 to 16. The qualification tournament will be played in the city of Conćordia, Brazil, with the champion proceeding to the first IHF Women’s Super Globe, which is scheduled to be played in China later this year.


Brazil and Argentina will be represented by two clubs each: Club Manuel Dorrego and Club Ferro Carril Oeste from Argentina, and A. A. Conćordia and UNIP São Bernardo from Brazil. The four teams will be joined by Chilean Club Vieux Gaulois and Uruguayan Scuola Italiana di Montevideo.


The competition will see a round-robin format, with matches played over five days in Centro de Eventos Conćordia. At the end, the team ranked highest in the group will be the winner and earn the ticket to the first Women’s Super Globe. Points will be awarded as per the usual system in IHF competitions, with two points for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss.


Referees from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay have been nominated for the event.