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Date: 11/1/2018

After more than 250 courses aimed at introducing handball to physical education teachers and beginner coaches working with children aged from five to 17, the IHF Handball at School programme has been undergoing an upgrade. Over the past two years, the [email protected] working group, consisting of Chairwoman Dr Ilona Hapkova, Dr Maria Luisa Dias Estriga and Craig Rot, have been working on new materials to be presented at the 26th Men’s World Championship in Germany and Denmark in January.


The upgraded materials, which will be used by IHF lecturers at their [email protected] courses all over the world, include methodology guides and an exercise database for the IHF Education Centre. In October, the IHF collaborated with current EHF Champions League title holders and renowned development club Montpellier HB in France to create methodological and promotional videos.


“The club not only embodies all [email protected] values, as well as the culture and tradition of handball, but also owns ideal facilities, should they be indoors or outdoors. Montpellier Handball has been a kingpin in terms of youth education, which is fundamental for the creation of high-quality methodical material,” said Dr Hapkova. “Local media showed great interest in this project.”


Filming took place in Montpellier from October 9 to 12, where the [email protected] group recorded various methodological sequences featuring kids from the club. Additional filming was undertaken in Zubri, Czech Republic, later in October, after weather affected filming of some scenes in Montpellier.  


“We had an opportunity to record so many methodological examples which can help PE teachers and coaches understand more game principles and how handball is nice and fantastic if we know how to play,” said Dr Hapkova. “The [email protected] working group is now in a busy period, finalising posters, brochures and especially the new methodological booklet.”


More information on the [email protected] programme can be found on the IHF website.


Photos: PatriciaSports, Ivan Dostál