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Date: 8/9/2018

Round 2 saw Romania, Poland and Germany all collect their second victories in two matches so far at the 2018 IHF Women’s Youth (U18) World Championship. Romania defeated Austria to open the day for Group A in Hall Legionow, Kielce. Poland followed suit with a hard-fought win against Slovakia, and Germany closed the day with a solid victory over Angola. All three teams thereby moved up to four points on the Group A table. 


Group A: Austria vs Romania 19:37 (8:21)


In Round 2, Romania enjoyed a dominant win far more decisive than their opening clash at Poland 2018. The side defeated Slovakia by one goal after an exciting match in the first round, so the comfortable game against Austria was a very different experience. Romania controlled the match from start to finish, allowing Austria to score the first goals before taking the lead in the fourth minute and never relinquishing it.


From 2:3 in the fourth, Romania claimed the upper hand to lead 10:4 by the 13th minute, when Austria coach Helfried Muller called his first time-out. His team could not slow the flow of Romania’s attack however, and finished the first half with a decisive deficit against them.


Austria also had significant trouble in attack, as Romania’s goalkeepers both recorded a save rate of 50%. Women’s 17 EHF EURO 2017 All-star Team goalkeeper Diana Cristiana Ciuca showed why she earned that title with her performance in the first half, before being replaced by Andreea Bianca Chetraru in the second. Austria tried different defensive styles, switching from 6-0 to 5-1, but the two points were already decided at the break when Romania held a 13-goal lead.


Players of the match:
Austria: Lea Kofler
Romania: Andreea Rebeca Tarsoaga

Group A: Slovakia vs Poland 26:29 (13:13)


After a tense, physical match dominated by strong defence, it was the hosts who celebrated while Slovakia left the court empty handed. Though it was Slovakia’s second loss at Poland 2018, the team have played two strong games that finished with narrow score lines against them, making the disappointment of the losses perhaps even more bitter.


The game was level through the first half before Poland’s defence began to shine, supported by an excellent game from goalkeeper Barbara Zima, who saved 17 shots at 40%. Poland capitalised on their strong defence in the second period, steadily creating an advantage, but never pulling away to a completely comfortable lead.


With 15 minutes remaining, Poland held a five-goal advantage, 22:17, and when Marta Chodakowska came into goal to save a penalty in the 50th, the hosts stayed in front 24:20. Still, nothing was decided. Slovakia goalkeeper Natalia Chudovska also made an impressive save from the penalty line, keeping her team within reach at 24:28 with four minutes on the clock. Poland could not increase the gap further, but they also did not allow Slovakia the chance to level the game. Chudovska saved another penalty in the 59th, but with the four-goal difference that stood at that point, the two points were already decided.


Players of the match:
Poland: Magda Wieckowska
Slovakia: Reka Meszaros

Group A: Angola vs Germany 19:28 (12:13)


Though there was a decisive score line in their favour at the final buzzer, the game was not an easy task for Germany, who faced a determined fight from Angola. The first 30 minutes were entirely equal, with both teams strong in defence, forcing the other side to play patient attack as they looked for clear scoring opportunities. Germany capitalised on their chances more often than Angola, recording a much higher efficiency rate in attack, but they could not create a clear distance until the second period.


The second half saw an entirely different story than the first, as Germany allowed the African side to remain within reach through the opening few minutes before pulling away to a decisive lead. The last time the score stood level was at 15:15 in the 36th minute, before the European team tightened their defence and kept Angola scoreless for the next 17 minutes. By the time Angola found the goal again, courtesy of a breakthrough from Isabel Tchitongua, Germany had taken their tally to 25 and thereby held a nine-goal advantage. At that stage, there was no doubt which team would leave the court victorious.


Players of the match:
Angola: Beatriz Masseu
Germany: Aimee Von Pereira