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Date: 7/1/2018

Following the late arrival of the Ivory Coast team in Hungary due to travel delays, the 2018 IHF Women’s Junior (U20) World Championship Competition Management have made the decision to cancel the Round 1 Group A match Norway vs Ivory Coast.

The game in question, Match No. 2, was scheduled to take place on Monday July 2 at 12:00. IHF Competition Management explored every option to reschedule the match but found that such a course of action would be impossible and could have a negative impact on other teams in the group.

In accordance with the IHF Regulations concerning penalties and fines, Article 17, the match will count as a non-appearance for Ivory Coast with a 10:0 result for Norway. Ivory Coast will therefore receive zero points, while Norway will receive two points.*

Norway will play their opening match against Brazil on July 4 at 20:00 local time in Debrecen, Hungary. Ivory Coast are expected to arrive in Debrecen in time to play their scheduled Round 2 game versus Montenegro at 16:00 on July 4.

* Update (4 July 2018): Ivory Coast have been removed from the match schedule after their withdrawal. Therefore, Norway did not receive two points.