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Date: 6/11/2018

The fourth Olympic Solidarity course organised by the IHF in 2018 concluded in Cyprus on Sunday after five successful days, which saw 32 out of overall 35 participants obtain their D Licence for coaching. The course was run by IHF expert Martin Tuma.


“We had an excellent coaching seminar and the feedback that I have received from all the participants was very positive,” said Michael Argyrou of the Cyprus Handball Federation. “We would like to thank the IHF and Mr Martin Tuma for their full support in order to improve the knowledge of our coaches.”


Following the opening ceremony, attended by the President of the Cyprus Handball Federation Lottas Charalambos and Secretary General Stavros Panagiotou, the course in Nicosia saw participants undertake both theoretical and practical classes.


Subjects covered in the theoretical classroom included systematic elements of the game, aims and methods for mini handball, player performance and youth coaching. Practical classes included basic techniques with the ball, movement without the ball, individual defensive and goalkeeping skills, shooting, one-on-one situations, position training and match organisation. All participants, which included many currently active and former handball players, coaches and referees, were also required to run a practical class and undertake a theoretical knowledge test.


“I have great respect for the participants, because they actively engaged in very difficult conditions,” said Tuma, adding: “It was a very good organised course, so I must once again thank the Olympic Committee of Cyprus, Cyprus Handball Federation and the local lecturer for perfect work.”


So far in 2018: Four courses in three continents


The Olympic Solidarity initiative was introduced by the International Olympic Committee more than 50 years ago, with the goal of helping nations in need develop their coaches, athletes and sports administrators. The IHF has organised four courses so far in 2018, beginning in Rwanda, followed by Mongolia then Pakistan. In 2017, courses were organised in Belarus, Malawi, Cape Verde, Latvia, Somalia, Serbia and Costa Rica.


Photos: Cyprus Handball Federation