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Date: 3/2/2018

Excitement is building for the many youth-age tournaments that will be held this summer around Europe, with registration now open for events such as the Bergen Cup, the Partille Cup and the Interamnia World Cup.


The Bergen Cup, one of the biggest events worldwide for players aged between the ages of 11 and 18, will be held from June 28 to July 1. The slogan for the tournament is ‘A total experience!’, with activities around the outdoor playing courts and events organised for players.


Alongside the many clubs from Norway participating, teams will travel from neighbouring countries such as Sweden, while others come from as far afield as Zimbabwe, with Mashrhino Sports Academy set to bring three of their squads.


More information on the Bergen Cup can be found on the official website and on Facebook. 


Immediately after the Bergen Cup, the spotlight swings to another Scandinavian nation, as the largest youth tournament in the world, Partille Cup, will begin on July 2. Partille Cup organisers were in attendance at IHF Congress in November 2017 in Antalya, Turkey, promoting the competition to the federations from around the world.


“Partille Cup is a tournament held in Gothenburg, Sweden. It has been held every year since 1970. It’s the world’s largest. We have about 1,200 teams participating every year, coming from 50 different countries, and about 22,000 participants,” said Partille Cup General Secretary Fredrik Andersson.


“Handball is more than a physical activity – it’s a universal language. That’s one of the things you learn when you are there: that when you have this one thing in common, the world is very small.”


More information on the Partille Cup is available on the official website and Facebook page.


Promoted as “the most international handball tournament in the world”, the 46th Interamnia World Cup will take place in Italy from July 5 to 11. Teams from Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France and Portugal are already confirmed from Europe, while club sides from much further abroad have also registered, including squads from Argentina, Reunion Island and Afghanistan.


The Interamnia World Cup is focused on promoting interaction between teams and players from around the world, and providing much more than an experience focused only on handball, as stated on their Facebook page: “Interamnia World Cup promotes a healthy and ethical lifestyle, geared towards the highest values of sport and cultural exchange.”


More information on the Interamnia World Cup can be found on the official website, on Facebook, and in the brochure.