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Date: 2/13/2018

The Colombian Handball Federation (Federación Colombiana de Balonmano) recently announced that half of the 32 departments that make up the country are now playing handball at all levels. Of those departments participating, some have a wide knowledge and experience of the game with well over 20 years’ worth of participation, while some are relatively new, but progressing steadily.


From local and regional games through to national matches, players in Colombia are taking in both the Olympic and beach versions of the sport and the national teams appeared in the 2017 editions of the Copa Caribe, the Women’s Pan American Championships and the Bolivarian Games. Furthermore, the country hosted the IHF Trophy – Continental Phase Pan America back in April 2017 in Tunja.


Now, with a new year comes a new calendar and 2018 is set to feature several national events, starting with the National Mini and Kids Handball Tournament in Bogota from 22-25 March before the National Youth and Junior teams meet in Risaralda from 24-27 May.


The ‘Semi-Professional Cup’ for men and women will be split into three parts, starting in Medellin from 23-25 June, then Bolivar (21-23 September) and Valle (14-16 December).


In Valle, from 24-27 August, a national team selection tournament will take place for male and female players born in 1998, 1999 and 2000.


For more information about the Colombian Handball Federation visit www.balonmanocolombia.com.