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Date: 2/3/2018

The ever-popular and successful IHF Trophy is an integral and important competition which forms a large part of the IHF mission to grow and develop the game of handball around the world.
The competition gives the opportunity to emerging and developing countries around the world to play in continental and intercontinental international competitions, as well as providing workshops for training and the further development of coaches and referees.
All five IHF continents – Africa, Asia, Europe, Pan-America and Oceania – take part throughout each competition cycle consisting initially of zonal competitions within the continent deciding the final line-up for the men's and women's continental competition.
Updated for 2018
Earlier this week, and after evaluating the previous years of progression, the IHF announced changes to the system of competition in the IHF Trophy to further boost the project not only at a junior level but also at a youth level with the introduction of the IHF Trophy into both age groups in both genders for 2018.
Now the IHF Trophy – Junior Competition will be for players born in 1998 and younger and the IHF Trophy – Youth Competition will be for players born in 2000 and younger.
In addition to expanding the reach of age ranges, the IHF Trophy – for junior teams only – has now been upgraded to a qualification event for the IHF Men’s and Women’s Junior World Championship, while both age ranges for the IHF Trophy competitions have now been fully integrated into the IHF Calendar meaning the men’s and women’s competitions will alternate each year, starting with the men’s competitions this year (2018) and the women’s next year (2019).
As part of the continued support for developing handball nations, the IHF will cover the travel expenses of all teams to the competition venues with invited nations requested to register 14 players per team complete with two coaches and one Head of Delegation.
IHF Trophy – Men’s Competitions: 2018
CAHB Africa: Zone II
Host city/nation: Nouakchott, Mauritania (MTN)
Dates: 24-29 March 2018
Invited teams: Cape Verde (CPV), Gambia (GAM), Guinea-Bissau (GBS), Guinea (GUI), Mali (MLI), Mauritania (MTN), Senegal (SEN), Sierra Leone (SLE)
CAHB Africa: Zone III
Host city/nation: Niamey, Niger (NIG)
Dates: 9-14 April 2018
Invited teams: Benin (BEN), Burkina Faso (BUR), Cote d’Ivoire (CIV), Ghana (GHA), Liberia (LBR), Nigeria (NGR), Niger (NIG), Togo (TOG)
CAHB Africa: Zone VI
Host City/nation: Lusaka, Zambia (ZAM)
Dates: 24-28 April 2018
Invited teams: Botswana (BOT), Lesotho (LES), Malawi (MAW), Mozambique (MOZ), Namibia (NAM), Swaziland (SWZ), Zambia (ZAM), Zimbabwe (ZIM)
CAHB Africa: Zone VII
Host City: Antananarivo, Madagascar (MAD)
Dates: 28-31 March 2018
Invited teams: Comoros (COM), Madagascar (MAD), Mauritius (MRI), Seychelles (SEY)
AHF Asia: Zone IB (East and South East Asia)
Host City: Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia (MAS)
Dates: 17-21 April 2018
Invited teams: Brunei (BRU), Cambodia (CAM), Laos (LAO), Indonesia (INA), Malaysia (MAS), Philippines (PHI), Singapore (SIN), Thailand (THA)
AHF Asia: Zone II (South and Central Asia)
Host City: Faisalabad, Pakistan (PAK)
Dates: 10-15 March 2018
Invited teams: Afghanistan (AFG), Bangladesh (BAN), India (IND), Nepal (NEP), Maldives (MDV), Sri Lanka (SRI), Yemen (YEM), Pakistan (PAK)
The remaining IHF Trophy tournaments will be announced soon.