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Date: 12/10/2017

France coach Olivier Krumbholz has made his first player replacement of the 23rd IHF Women’s World Championship ahead of their eighth-final against Hungary.

26-year-old line player Astride Adjoba N’Gouan comes in for left back Orlane Kanor. N’Gouan, who plays her club handball for Brest Bretagne in France, has represented France in 13 matches and scored 26 goals.

Netherlands coach Helle Thomsen has also made a change, her first at Germany 2017.

33-year-old centre back Pearl van der Wissel has replaced left wing Angela Steenbakkers. The Odense Handbold player has appeared 217 times for her country, scoring 560 times.

Evegeny Trefilov has also made a change for Russia, with centre back Ekaterina Ilina making way for pivot Ekaterina Matlashova. 23-year-old Matlashova plays her club handball for Kuban and has scored four times in eight appearances for her country.

Poland have made their third and final change with coach Leszek Krowicki changing his pivots - adding Hanna Rycharska for Joanna Drabik. 29-year-old Rycharska plays her club handball for Pilka Reczna Koszalin and has scored 13 times in 13 matches for Poland.

Germany 2017 squad changes (up to 21:50 hrs, local (GER) time, 10 December)

Player replacements

10 December

FRA: Astride Adjoba N'Gouan (PV) IN, Orlane Kanor (LB) OUT. France's 1 of 3 replacements allowed.
NED: Pearl van der Wissel (CB) IN, Angela Steenbakkers (LW) OUT. 1 of 3
RUS: Ekaterina Matlashova (PV) IN, Ekaterina Ilina (CB) OUT. 1 of 3
POL: Hanna Rycharska (PV) IN, Joanna Drabik (PV) OUT. 3 of 3.

9 December

DEN: Stine Bodholt Nielsen (PV) IN, Kristina Kristiansen (CB) OUT.
KOR: Boeun Gim (PV) IN, Ji In Jung (RB) OUT. 3 of 3
POL: Joanne Kozlowska (LB) IN, Daria Zawistowska (LW) OUT. 2 of 3

8 December

GER: Dinah Eckerle (GK) IN, Antje Lauenroth (PV) OUT. 2 of 3
ROU: Ibolya-Gabriella Szucs (LB) IN, Maria-Madalina Zamfirescu (CB) OUT. 1 of 3
MNE: Ema Ramusovic (PV) IN, Ljubica Nenezic (GK) OUT. 2 of 3

6 December

POL: Monika Michalow (LB) IN, Joanna Kozlowska (LB) OUT. 1 of 3
HUN: Zita Szucsanszki IN (LB), Gabriella Toth (CB) OUT. 1 of 3

5 December

MNE: Andrea Klikovac (RB) IN, Ema Ramusovic (PV) OUT. 1 of 3
BRA: Deonise Fachinello (RB) IN, Gabriela Moreschi (GK) OUT. 1 of 3
GER: Alicia Stolle (RB) IN, Kim Naidzinavicius (CB) OUT. 1 of 3
KOR: Jinhui Jeong (GK) IN, Boeun Gim OUT. 2 of 3

3 December

KOR: Ji In Jung (RB) IN, Han Na Gwon (CB) OUT. 1 of 3

Late registrations

6 December

DEN: Trine Ostergaard (RW)

5 December

GER: Emily Bolk (LB)

3 December

SWE: Louise Sand (LW)

Teams are allowed three player replacements in total over the course of Germany 2017. Current Germany 2017 squad lists can found HERE.