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Date: 6/23/2017

From 1 to 17 December 2017, the world’s best 24 teams will face each other at the 23rd Women’s World Championship in Germany. So far 20 teams from Europe, Asia and Africa qualified for the event, while the Pan American teams are currently competing for one of the three remaining Pan American places at the continental qualification event, which will come to an end on 25 June. 


Based on the fact that the continent of Oceania will not use its compulsory place at the upcoming IHF Women’s World Championship, the IHF Executive Committee decided on the awarding of the wild card according to the IHF Competition Regulations 2.8:


“If a Continental Confederation does not use its performance or compulsory places, the IHF Executive Committee shall decide on the reallocation of such places.”


The IHF Executive Committee decided to award the open place to the national federation of Poland.


In the decision-making process it has been taken into consideration that the reigning women’s world champion represents the European continental confederation, and therefore it was decided to award the open place to the continent of Europe. Furthermore, Poland is the best non-qualified team of the preceding WCh in DEN (4th ranked) and has been nominated by the European confederation as first substitute nation.