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Date: 6/23/2016

From 10 to 20 June 2016, twelve teams from all over Pan America competed in the Pan American Men’s Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the end, defending champions Brazil could claim their fourth title at the championship by defeating Chile in the final.


Since the Pan American Championship in 2002, there were only two teams who played in the final: Argentina and Brazil. In 2016, however, this should change. As Brazil faced and defeated Argentina already in the semi-final (23:20), another country had the chance to advance to the final. Chile beat Uruguay clearly by 31:24 in their semi-final match and thus, for the first time in the history of the federation, played the final of a Pan American Championship. But even though they showed a great performance, they lost 24:28 (12:15) in the end. Top scorer with 9 goals was Erwin Feutchmann from Chile: “We had never experienced something like this as a team. It is the first final we play, and it was against the best team of the tournament. We still have to improve, but we are made to fight, and the next time we will look forward to the trophy.”


In the match for third place, Argentina played Uruguay in a very one-sided match. With a half-time score of 15:5, it was already clear that Uruguay would stand no chance and so, Argentina outclassed them by 29:13 in the end. Argentina’s goalkeeper Matías Schulz said that it was not their best tournament. “We didn't get here in our best shape, we didn't have enough time to work together and some players were out with injuries. We should have been playing the Final today, unfortunately we could only fight for the third place”


The President’s Cup was won by Greenland after they steamrolled Puerto Rico and defeated them 44:22. “We are happy to have participated here, and also for the results we got. We evolved as a team, we got much better. I think that we will make it to the Semi-Finals next time,” said Greenland’s Minik Dahl Hoegh, top scorer and Most Valuable Player of the tournament.




Final: CHI-BRA 24:28

3/4 place: URU-ARG 13:29


All Star Team:

Left wing: Felipe Borges (BRA)


Right wing: Fabio Chiuffa (BRA)


Left back: Minik Hoegh (GRL)


Right back: Rodrigo Salinas (CHI)


Centre back: Sebastián Simonet (ARG)


Pivot: Esteban Salinas (CHI)


Goalkeeper: Matías Schulz (ARG)



Minik Dahl Hoegh


Top scorer: 

Minik Dahl Hoegh (GRL) – 56 goals


For more information about the championship visit www.panamericanohandball2016.com.