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Date: 6/27/2015

Kosovo beat Uruguay in the third place game and managed to win the bronze medal on home soil. After the disappointment in the semi-finals for both teams, it seemed as if Uruguay had more difficulties recovering from their semi-final loss. Kosovo players were much more motivated and after a quick start they managed to break away and end the first half with an advantage of 15:8.
With the bronze medal in sight, which is the first one for Kosovo at IHF competitions, Kosovo players held on to their game and their advantage throughout the second half of the match. They managed to win 28:16 while being lead by Kastriot Jupa with 7 goals scored. 
In the final match, Faroe Islands managed to beat Latvia in order to become the first ever champion at an IHF Emerging Nations Men's Championship. After prevailing against the host nation Kosovo in the semi-final, Faroe Islands could also secure their victory against Latvia in the finals. Final result was 27:24 - enough to confirm their better quality and overall performance in the tournament.
The golden medals and the winners’ trophy were awarded by Dr. Hassan Moustafa, President of the International Handball Federation.
IHF President Dr. Moustafa and President of Kosovo Handball Federation, Mr Eugen Saraçini, held speeches in the closing ceremony of the tournament.

After the final, the All-Star Team of the tournament was awarded: 
 Best Goalkeeper:  Fonsho Isaac Junior - Cameroon
 Best Left Wing: Rosing Rasmussen - Faroe Islands
 Best Right Wing: Karl Roosna  - Estonia
 Best Center Back: KreshnikKrasniqi - Kosovo
 Best Left Back: RaimondsTrifanovs - Latvia
 Best Right Back: Aki Egilsnes – Faroe Islands
 Best Pivot: Kastriot Jupa - Kosovo
 Best Scorer: Svetlin Dimitrov – 64 goals - Bulgaria
 MVP: Kragesteen Trondur – Faroe Islands
The finals standings of the first IHF Emerging Nations Men's Championship are as follows: 

Pos National Team
1. Faroe Islands
2. Latvia
3. Kosovo
4. Uruguay
5. Estonia
6. Moldova
7. Cameroon
8. Malta
9. Great Britain
10. China
11. Bulgaria
12. Australia
13. Ireland
14. Albania
15. Andorra
16. Armenia