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Date: 6/24/2015

Faroe Islands made it to the semi-final of the tournament after beating Cameroon in the first quarter-final. The winners of Group A continued right where they left off in the group stage and managed to win 26:21 in what proved to be not an easy contest for them. In fact, first half ended at 13:11 and the two goal difference grew bigger only in the second half, partly because Cameroon faced many 2-minute suspensions because of the aggressive defence and for large chunks of time they had numerical disadvantage on the floor.
Hans Eli Sigurnjorson scored eight goals for Faroe Islands and three players on the Cameroon team had four goals scored out of 9 players from their team that managed to score at least once.
After suffering a loss in the last match of the group stage, Uruguay made the best of the day off and came out strong to beat Moldova and qualify to the semis. It can surely be said that this was the best performance of the Uruguayan team in this tournament. After creating a five goal gap in the first half, which ended 13:18, the South American team not only controlled the pace of the game, but they also dominated the second half, securing a comfortable victory in the end.
The host nation managed a dramatic win versus Estonia in the third quarter-final and by the margin of a single goal eliminated the Baltic country and proceeded to the semis. Kosovo had in fact lead for most of the game and ended the first half 17:14 after its players scored one of the best goals of the tournament in the very last second. The second half was close as expected and both sides put their heart on the floor. Kosovo however, entered the last minute with a 31:29 advantage and held on to win although local players conceded a goal and were left with 5 players at the end after two 2-minute suspensions.
Kreshnik Krasniqi with 10 goals was once again best player for the winning team, which ended the game 31:30.
On the last quarter-final Latvia, as expected, won against Malta. Latvia won 35:14, after ending the first half 17:8 and practically getting the job done in the first half.
The match only solidified the status of the favourite team that Latvia enjoys in the eyes of the many people following the tournament.
While the quarter-finals took place in Prishtina, where the top eight teams are now located, Gjakova is the host city for the matches which will determine places 9 – 16.
Australia beat Albania in the first match of this part of the tournament 30:22.
Great Britain scored a win versus the team of Armenia, who played their best handball in this tournament and even lead 11:10 after the half. However, Great Britain managed to seal the deal by winning 38:20 and staying in contention for ninth place. China, as expected, beat Andorra 39:30 and Bulgaria scored a win versus Ireland in the last match of the day with the result of 46:26.