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Announcement Details

Date: 7/10/2018

The IHF Trophy - South American Zone was supposed to throw off today in Sucre, Bolivia. However, due to the weather situation, several flights from La Paz to Sucre were cancelled so that some teams have not arrived in time to play their matches.


For this reason, it was decided that today’s matches will be played tomorrow and all other preliminary round days are postponed by one day. Instead of playing the bronze-medal match and the final on separate days, these matches are played all on 14 July.  


The match schedule changes as follows:



Participating teams: Bolivia (BOL), Ecuador (ECU), Paraguay (PAR), Peru (PER)


Youth competition


11 July

12:00     PER vs PAR

14:00     ECU vs BOL


12 July

12:00     PAR vs ECU

14:00     BOL vs PER


13 July

12:00     BOL vs PAR

14:00     ECU vs PER


14 July

14:00     Bronze-medal match

14:00     Final


Junior competition


11 July

16:00     PAR vs ECU

18:00     BOL vs PER


12 July

16:00     ECU vs BOL

18:00     PER vs PAR


13 July

16:00     PER vs ECU

18:00     BOL vs PAR


14 July

16:00     Bronze-medal match

16:00     Final


All matches will be streamed live on the IHF YouTube channel and www.ihf.info.