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Date: 7/11/2008

The II Women's Youth World Championship saw a short but fine opening at the Bratislava National Tennis Centre on Thursday evening where the 16 participating delegations, IHF representatives officials, referees and the many people from the SVK organiser gathered to listen to the welcome speech of host federation President Pavol Derfenyi and the greetings from IHF Representative Alexander Kozhukhov. The Slovak host welcomed the young athletes with help of Folklore dance and the entering of the national flags.

The WCh tournament kicks off today with eight matches at the Sibamac Arena National Tennis Centre and the Pasienky Sports Hall both situated in the capital of Bratislava to compete for the II women's youth WCh title.

As is commonplace the IHF is offering a live score, a daily summary and all relevant statistics of the matches available for download. All those fans who are keen to follow the matches live have the chance of doing so by visiting the host's WCh Web Site http://www.world2008.sk