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Date: 3/11/2010

As no team from Oceania will participate at the 3rd Women’s Youth World Championship 2010 in the Dominican Republic, Europe has the right to send a substitute nation for this free place. The team of Germany ranked ninth at the last 2009 Women’s European Championship 17 in Serbia, so they have the right to succeed, as the first eight teams are qualified directly. Today the German Handball Federation confirmed the participation of their team. The 3rd Youth WCh will take place from 2 to 12 of August. 20 teams will compete against each other. Reigning Champion is Russia, for Germany it is the first time ever that they participate on a Women’s Youth WCh. The following teams have already qualified for the Youth WCh taking place in the Dominican Republic:
* Denmark, Russia, Norway, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Germany (Europe)
* Angola, Ivory Coast, DR Congo (Africa)
* Korea, Japan, Kazahkstan, Thailand (Asia)
* Dominican Republic (Host)
Still three participants have to qualify from Pan America. Their qualification tournament will be in April.