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Date: 7/7/2014

Asian champions Korea again have proved their ambitions at the Women’s Junior World Championship by winning their eighth-finals match against Serbia in Koprivnica. As parallel Brazil lost their eighth-final in Dugo Selo despite a great fight against France, Korea are the only non-European participant in the round of the best eight teams - as the remaining four eighth-final duels today (7 July) are all-European.

Korea will face Romania in the quarter-final on Wednesday (9 July), while Serbia start the placement round 9-16 against Portugal. France will compete with Denmark for the semi-final spot, while Brazil will play their first placement match against the Czech Republic.


In Koprivnica: Korea - Serbia 32:28 (20:15)

The first half was full of speed and goals from both sides- so the spectators in Koprivnica saw a high number of 35 goals in the first 30 minutes despite the sweaty temperatures in the arena. Serbia had learnt the lessons, the Koreans before had taught to Croatia and Norway and were fast in back gear.  But still the Koreans could start their famous counter-attacks. After a time-out after the score of 5:5 the Asians improved and forged ahead to a constant distance of four goals until the final minute of the first half, when they even managed to get their first five-goal advance.

And with the start of then second half, when Serbia tried to slow down the speed, Korea stroke back. Within six minutes they forged ahead to a pre-decisive 25:18 by strengthening their defence and goalkeeping and turning those turnovers into counter-attack goals. But the European side did not give up, but tried everything to get closer again - but could not manage to bridge the gap closer as to three goals. A time-out two minutes before the end, when the score was 31:28 gave the signal for the Koreans to score the decisive final goal. Best Korean player in the second half was goalkeeper Saeyoung Park.

In Dugo Selo: Brazil- France 23:29 (11:16)

France had well recovered from their tough 14:22 defeat in their last preliminary round match against Hungary and were ahead by five goals at the break mainly because of their strong defence. But the Brazilians, who had won their last three matches in the first stage, were a tough nut to crack. Though the French team put enormous pressure on both in defence and attack, the Pan-American champions were on an equal level in the first 20 minutes. But when French goalkeeper Deborah Dangueger improved and her team mates increased the efficiency in attack, the gap rose from two goals to the halftime score of 16:11.

But Brazil had learnt their lesson from the first half: By adapting their defence to a more offensive style they stopped the French back court players or forced them to cause mistakes. In minute 42 the distance had melted to only two goals at 19:21, also as Brazilian goalkeeper Gabriela Moreschi showed some brilliant saves. The match was on the edge until the last minute - and finally the second goalkeeper Catherine Gabrielle became French match winner. Latest when Alizee Frecon scored for the 27:23 in minute 59, France had clinched their berth for the quarter-finals.