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Bertrand Gille


Name :   BERTRAND Gille
Poste :   Pivot
Born on :   24/03/1978 in Valence
Country:   France


Sports information


Olympic Champion 2008, World Champion 2001 and 2009, 3rd place at WCh 2003 and 2005, European Champion 2006 and 2010, 3rd place at ECh 2008

Guillaume Gille’s younger brother Bertrand is considered to be a real fighter, who, after intensive supervision of his opponents around the goal area, prevails over them again and again. The two Gille brothers, who belong to the “golden generation” of French handball, usually stick to their motto which is “We always appear as a pair”. They both played for Chambery and transferred to Hamburg afterwards. Bertrand has since then used his time in Hamburg to learn to speak perfect German. There’s one more thing he has in common with his brother: They are both married and both have three children.