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Date: 8/23/2013


Croatia vs. Denmark 26:32 (25:25/12:12) 

At the beginning it looked like it would be come a match as all the previous Danish matches: Denmark started like fire fighters taking an early lead by 3:0. Many spectators were remembering the previous matches of the knockout round, when the Danes marched trough the tournament like rockets. Nobody could stop them, but Croatia actually could (for a while). They found some ways to bring the Danish defence into trouble. With their individual strength, with a brilliant defence and a good goalkeeper Croatia caught up to 12:12 until the break. For the first time ever in this tournament the Scandinavians had difficulties in their way of playing.

But head coach Claus Hansen found the right words during the break. Now Denmark concentrated more on their defence, standing directly on the own six meter line. That was the basis for a better performance in the second half time. But Croatia was still not beaten. Denmark didn't manage to take the lead with more than four goals, so the match stayed exciting. Both coaches were dancing in their zone like dervishes, Croatia caught up again to 21:23 after 52 minutes and 90 seconds until the end of the regular match time the talents from Croatia scored the draw (25:25). Denmark missed the next attack, so did the Croatian team. The next situation could decide the game. But Danish shooter Christian Stoklund Larsen lost the last 7-meter, goalkeeper Mario Cvitkovic had saved the shot. After 60 minutes the new Youth World Champion was still not found.


In the extra time the Danes became powerful. The reason for this energy reserve could have been that the Danes had been easily marching through all their previous matches. Thus, Denmark was on the road to Gold during extra time and finally won by 32:26.



For Denmark this Gold medal is the third title after winning in 2007 and 2011. The talents from Scandinavia are the most successful team in the history of Men’s Youth World Championships. And with this final victory, they are already qualified for the next Men’s Junior World Championships. But the strong Croatians were an equal competitor and a worthy finalist.