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Welcome to IHF Trivia Game

  • The game will enable you to test your handball knowledge and compete with your friends, and gain points as a result. Your Rankings will be updated after each time you play and according to present rules.

Game Rules

  • The questions will have one correct answer and 3 false answers.
  • You will only gain the point reward of the question if you chose its correct answer.
  • The questions are time-bound. If you do not answer during the allowed time, it will be considered as a wrong answer.
  • Each player can answer the same test one time only.
  • Your rank among other players depends on the points that you collect every time you play.
  • In the case that two players are tied in their rank, the advantage would be given to the player that joined the game first.

Prizes (awarded monthly)

  • First prize is a ball signed by the IHF president.
  • Second and third places get an IHF T-shirt.

Grand prize for the first-ranked player

  • Adidas - complete set: Includes training bag, shirt, shorts, training suit, jogging shoes, socks, slippers
  • The 2015 season of IHF Trivia begins on April 1st and Ends on December 31st 2015.

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