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Handball Tournaments at the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games

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During the Olympic Games held in Germany for the first time and dominated by sprinter and long jumper Jesse Owens handball made its debut on the Olympic Programme. Berlin saw a field handball competition. It was the first time and just one time that outdoor handball was played under the rings - with eleven players (including one goalkeeper) in each team, playing on a football pitch. Six men’s team competed for Olympic medals from 6 to 14 August – it was a round-robin format. The decision which of the teams wins gold and silver was made in the placement match between Germany and Austria. In front of over 100,000 spectators at the Olympic stadium Germany finally triumphed 10:6 (5:3) in the decisive match to win the first Olympic handball gold medal and to become the sole team that had made a clean sweep. Switzerland secured the bronze. Those Olympic medals were meant to be the sole ones for Austria and Switzerland for quite a while whereas Germany continued its victory series at the hall. 36 years passed until handball was included on the Olympic Programme in Germany again – at the Munich 1972 Olympics. In the meantime the 1952 Games just saw a handball showcase. 

Men’s Final Ranking:
Gold: GER, Silver: AUT, Bronze: SUI, 4. HUN - 5. ROU - 6. USA