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Date: 8/20/2011

Bronze medal match

Sweden – France 28:24 (15:10)

It was a furious start for the Swedish team, which completely knocked out the French defence during the first minutes of the match. As this wouldn’t be enough disaster for France, also one of their players, Kevin Rondel got injured. Consequently Sweden increased to an 8:2 after 10 minutes and maintained their goal difference during the entire first 30 minutes to a half time result of 15:10. Sweden showed during the first half time a perfect team play. France could not find any way to stop the Swedish power handball. Their defence, which normally is the secret weapon of the French team, was during these 30 minutes exactly their problem.

But in the second half the talents of coach Pascal Person, caught up and started to play better and better. France shortened goal differenc and 10 minutes before the end of the match France was only with one goal behind. But Sweden advanced for the last attack and won the match 28:24 in the end. For the North Europeans it was the third Bronze medal at a Youth World Championships after 2007 and 2009. Jim Gottfridsson was, with 58 goals in 8 matches, the Top-scorer of the tournament.