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Date: 8/26/2010

 The IHF website users voted for their personal favourites of the question “Who’s the best handball coach ever?” – and the clear majority (87,8 percent) favoured Daniel Costantini. The French coach was the starter for the reigning decade of the men’s national team. Costantini coached the French teams that became World Champion twice (1995, 2001) and reached one Silver and one Bronze medal at other WCH and BVronze at the Olympics 1992. Costantini laid the foundation for the historical later-on and currently success with Olympics, World and European Champion’s title at the same time. Below Costantini the Swedish coaching legend Bengt Johansson ranked second in the www.ihf.info voting with 6,88 percent, ahead of Igor Turtschkin (Sovjet Union) and Rumunj Kunst-Germanescu (Romania) (both less than three percent).