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Date: 11/7/2015

The resin-free ball was presented by President and CEO of Molten, Kiyo Tamiaki, as part of the IHF President’s Report at the Ordinary and Extraordinary Congress of the International Handball Federation. Mr Tamiaki explained that the Japanese company began developing the concept upon request from IHF President Doctor Hassan Moustafa in 2014. 

Molten have been producing balls for more than 40 years, and have been a long-standing partner of the International Basketball Federation, as well as producing volleyballs and footballs. Molten became a partner of the Asian Handball Federation in 2001, and have been a proud partner of the IHF since they accepted the challenge to work on the resin-free ball in 2014.  

Prototypes of the ball were presented to the Congress with a very positive response however, the engineering team behind the concept, led by Executive General Manager of the Ball Engineering Research Sports Division Yukinori Nagao, still have some challenges to overcome. 

Mr Tamiaki said the main issue at present is that the ball, which was first tested at the 2015 IHF Super Globe, temporarily loses its adhesiveness when it is wet; i.e. when it comes into contact with sweat, as it naturally does during the course of a handball match. The ball can be washed and will quickly dry to return to become sticky once more, but the clear goal is for it to be used without such problems. 

Molten sought feedback and suggestions from the Congress in order to achieve their goal, and Mr Tamiaki said they are excited to have been presented with such a unique, challenging opportunity. 

“We really appreciate the chance to try and create a new ball – and [to be part of] this historical project. We will never give up, and we will try our best.”