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Date: 8/20/2015

Bronze Medal Match: Iceland vs Spain 26:22 (12:9)

Iceland started strong with two saves by Gretar Gudjonsson (40.6% save rate) in the first minute and the first goal of the match – an outside shot from Arnar Arnarson in the third. They played the same 5-1 defence they used so effectively against the fast-paced Slovenia side, and it slowed down speedy Spain as well. Spain’s first goal came from David Fernandez Alonso (10 goals total) in the fourth minute (1:1). 

Fast break king of the tournament Oeinn Rikhardsson put his first in the goal and Iceland led by two after five minutes (3:1), but Fernandez Alonso struck again to take Spain one behind and it was one for one until the 10-minute mark.  

At that point Birkir Benediktsson scored Iceland’s fifth, Gudjonsson saved a penalty and Omar Magnusson tallied his second to give Iceland a two-goal advantage (6:4). When Iceland retained that lead in the 14th minute, Spain coach Alberto Suarez Menendez called a time-out (7:5). 

Gunjonsson made another penalty save in the 16th to keep Spain behind (7:6), but they equalised soon after. As the game moved past the 20th minute Iceland were in front by one (9:8). 

Iceland hit a two-goal advantage as the half came to a close (10:8, 28th), before Rikhardsson took them ahead by three with a fast break off a perfect pass from Gudjonsson. Gudjonsson saved Ander Torriko Egana’s ground shot in the last seconds and Iceland held a three-goal lead at the break. 

In the first attack of the second period Egill Magnusson scored but had to run off the court with an injury to the upper leg. Iceland pulled ahead to a four-goal advantage with a well-placed jump shot from Sigtryggur Runarsson in the 35th minute, and Spain goalkeeper Xoan Ledo Menendez asked to substitute out for Alejandro Moron Cabezas. 

Just as the clock neared the 45th minute, Iceland pushed ahead by five goals with a Styrmission fast break (20:15). Benediktsson received a two-minute suspension less than 60 seconds later, but Spain failed to capitalise and Iceland soon increased the score line even further. 

With just over 10 minutes left Styrmission ran yet another fast break to put the score at 22:16, at which point Spain’s heads were down and the game was decided. 

“Of course I am happy with the bronze – it was the best we could do in this situation,” said Omar Magnusson (eight goals) after the game, continuing with an explanation of what it was like to overcome their loss in the Semi-Final yesterday to get ready for another tough game today. 

“It was really difficult but it takes character to prepare for these games – and we did.”