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Date: 8/1/2015

Germany won the bronze medal against Egypt after a hard-fought 80-minute match that went into two periods of extra time. 

Egypt vs Germany 35:34 (6:5)(6:6)(23:23)(12:13) 

Germany played a traditional 6-0 defence while Egypt played with an extremely active 3:3 defensive system, which could have meant trouble for the African side given the threat Germany’s outstanding line player, Moritz Preuss. 

Egypt’s Abdelrahman Amr Badawy did an excellent job neutralising Preuss at the back of Egypt’s defence, but his work earned him a two-minute suspension in the 10th minute when the score was level at 5:5. Germany could not capitalise on the numerical advantage and the score remained locked until a goal from line player Hesham Magdy Sayed put Egypt one goal in front (5:6, 13th minute). 

As Egypt pulled ahead by two midway through the half (5:7) Germany coach Markus Baur was deep in thought on the bench, figuring out how to attack against the strong defensive front. Baur called the first time-out of the game in the 18th minute, after which Tim Suton put on the goalkeeper’s colours to play seven on six and Egypt dropped back to 6-0 defence. 

Germany quickly levelled the score thanks to some saves from goalkeeper Christopher Rudeck (9:9, 20th minute), then switched back to six on six. Egypt finished the half one goal ahead, but Simon Ernst quickly equalised for Germany when the game second half began.

Egypt were half a step ahead of Germany as the match entered its final five minutes, until Joscha Ritterbach scored an equalising goal in the 27th minute (22:22). Germany’s Alexander Saul received a two-minute suspension and Baher Elbadrawy Elmetwaly put Egypt in front by one before Ernst was also sent off for two minutes – and German found themselves playing four on six as the clock ticked down (22:23). 

A save from Egypt keeper Mohamed Fekry Adly, who played an outstanding game, meant Egypt had possession and a one-goal advantage as the final 60 began. But Rudeck saved Egypt’s attempt and a tense 40 seconds followed. Germany send Tim Kastening on in place of the goalkeeper and Egypt gave away a penalty, which was scored by Ritterbach with 12 seconds left on the clock. Egypt failed to score and the match was sent into extra time. 

Germany played seven on six in the extra time period, with Lars Spiess coming on for Rudeck. It helped them score the first point – but Egypt immediately retaliated into the empty goal. From there Germany put Suton on as the additional player. At the break Germany were up by one (26:25). 

Again Egypt scored into the empty goal to take the lead with two minutes of extra time left (27:28), but Germany answered and the African side had possession with 30 seconds left. Ahmed Moustafa Khairi scored a penalty right before being issued a direct red card, and Ritterbach stepped up to score the resulting seven metre – and a second period of extra time began. 

The score remained locked at the break (32:32), before a save by Fekry Adly, a suspension for Preuss, and a saved penalty by Rudeck (33:33, 78th minute). Ritterbach – Germany’s penalty-taking hero of the day – scored in the 79th minute to put Germany one in front (34:33), but Egypt immediately answered. 

In the last minute there were three suspensions on the clock: Preuss and Ernst for Germany, and Egypt’s Yehia Mohamed Elderaa, making it a four-on-five game. The European side again tried the additional attacker in place of a goalkeeper, and this time were rewarded for the risk. Suton scored on the buzzer to win Germany the bronze medal. 

“We know the defence of Egypt from the group phase in Uberaba. We had a lot of problems but we fought and fought and fought and we are the lucky ones. 

“This match was very incredible for me. I’m so happy we won in the last second,” said Ritterbach after the victory.