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Date: 7/27/2015

Following the completion late last night of the Preliminary Group round of Brazil 2015, teams progressing through to the Eighth-Finals and President’s Cup have had their opposition confirmed.

Watch all the games live and free at www.brazilhandball2015.com

Live scores can be found here.

Tuesday 28 July (all times local)


13:30 - Spain vs. Russia
15:45 - Qatar vs. Belarus
18:00 - Brazil vs. Denmark
20:30 - Germany vs. Argentina

Uberaba - Centro Olimpico
13:30 - Korea vs. Egypt
15:45 - Sweden vs. Portugal
18:00 - Tunisia vs. Romania
20:30 - France vs. Norway

President’s Cup

Uberlandia - Sabiazinho
09:00 - Algeria vs. Japan
11:15 - Netherlands vs. Serbia

Uberaba - Centro Olimpico
09:00 - Chile vs. Uruguay
11:15 - Paraguay vs. Angola

Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Argentina, Japan and Algeria move from Uberaba to Uberlandia, whilst Tunisia, Romania, Sweden, Portugal, Paraguay and Angola come from Uberlandia to Uberaba - all teams left around 10:00am this morning, with some taking the opportunity to have an early-morning training session.

Competition Information

Eighth-Finals (and Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals)
These will be played in a knock-out system, with the usual overtime period of 2x5 minutes if the game is a draw at the end of the 60 minutes. In case of a draw after the first overtime period there will be a second period of 2x5 minutes and then, if still a draw, 7m penalty throws.

Placement 17-24 (and later 5-8 and 9-16)
No overtime will be played in these matches in case of a draw after the regular playing time of 60 minutes - the games will go straight to 7m penalty throws.

Placement  9-16
These places will use a separate form of ranking including points gained in the Preliminary Round against teams placed 1st-4th in their group, then goal difference in those games, then plus goals and if teams are still equal, then lots will be drawn.

Placement matches (9-16)
15/16: 7th best ranked loser of EF– 8th best ranked loser of EF
13/14: 5th best ranked loser of EF – 6th best ranked loser of EF
11/12: 3rd best ranked loser of EF – 4th best ranked loser of EF
9/10: 1st best ranked loser of EF – 2nd best ranked loser of EF