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Date: 6/3/2015

Australia, the Congo and Kazakhstan have already secured a place through their Continental Championships while Mexico is the final nation to book a spot on the final hurdle before Denmark 2015. Even though Mexico ranked 8thon the Pan American Championship in Cuba, due to the fact that the national Federations of Uruguay, Greenland and Paraguay declined their participation in the final qualification tournament, Mexico will have a chance to qualify for the women’s World Championship.
The tournament that will decide the final participant on the Women’s World Championship in Denmark will be played in Almaty, Kazakhstan from 15 to 17 June 2015. The best non-qualified teams from Africa, Asia, Oceania and Pan America will search to book the final ticket available for Denmark on a round robin tournament which will guarantee their participation in Denmark for the summit of the best women’s handball nations in the World.
Only the tournament winner will qualify for the Women’s World Championship which will take place in Denmark in December 2015. The match schedule for the Event:
IHF 4-Nations Tournament
Match schedule


Match number


15 June









16 June



WM1 – WM2




LM1 – LM2


17 June


Encounter of the teams which did not clash before


The fixtures on Match day 1 have been seeded according to the continental results at the Women’s World Championship 2013.
By following this match schedule, where losers and winners of the first Match Day encounter on Match Day two, the last Match Day will most probably be decisive in terms of defining the winner and thus the team qualified for the 2015 Women’s WCh in Denmark.
*In case of a draw on Match Day 1, the foreseen place for the winner of the match will be awarded according to the continental results at the 2013 Women’s World Championship (Pan-America – Asia – Africa – Oceania).