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Date: 6/29/2014

Two more teams have booked their tickets to the 2015 Men’s World Championship in Qatar - and will face on Sunday (29 June) night: Argentina and Brazil have reached the final of the Pan-American Championship in Montevideo, Uruguay. Defending champions Argentina had no problems in beating host Uruguay in a one-sided semi by 30:16, while Brazil finally was not endangered by Chile winning 36:28.

Three spots for Qatar are allocated to Pan-America, so both finalists are already confirmed participants. The third ticket will be decided in the bronze final Uruguay vs. Chile.

Brazil and Argentina have made it to the final with a clear record winning all their matches  in the preliminary round. At both previous Pan-American championships in 2010 and 2012 - and the Olympic qualification for London at the PanAm Games 2013 - Argentina were the winners of the gold medals, in April, Brazil had turned the tide by winning the final of the South American Games.