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Date: 6/28/2014

After the technical meetings had been held in all four venues of the Women’s Junior (U20) World Championship in Croatia on the first day of the competition (28 June) all official squad lists of the 24 participating nations are online. You can find all information of the event on http://www.ihf.info/IHFCompetitions/WorldChampionships/WomenJuniorworldchampionships/WomensJuniorWorldChampionshipCRO2014/tabid/6882/Default.aspx and the squad lists here: http://www.ihf.info/IHFCompetitions/WorldChampionships/WomenJuniorworldchampionships/WomensJuniorWorldChampionshipCRO2014/TeamInfo/tabid/6887/Default.aspx

Every participant is eligible to replace two players during the competition, the substitute players must be from the provisional list of 28 players.

Additionally a live stream of all 100 matches from all four venues can be watched on